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I’m sure most of you people have been tricked by some fake website pretending to be the real website and somehow rid you of some cash. Most of these websites offer you lots of money, but in order to start using their program you must pay a certain fee. Once the fee is payed, you may find yourself with no program, and a dull feeling of knowing that you have been outsmarted. Some of these websites are not fake however, many do actually offer money making services, and with the state the world economy is in currently, extra cash is always needed. But sorting the scams from the legitimate thing is often quite difficult. Since, around 80% of the online money making programs are scams, even though sometimes they do offer a small amount of money you can earn, like 1 or 2 dollars  per survey.

I myself have experimented with many different  online survey sites and have gained a negative profit from my investments. But i have only discovered three websites on the entire internet that offer earnings and no membership fees.

1- Your Free Surveys, this website allows you to sign up without any membership fees. All you need to do is fill in the form, click sign up and start taking the surveys. You also get a 4$ bonus from signing up, and a survey thats worth 20$. This website is quite well done, and you can make a decent amount of money from it.

2- Snap Dollars. This website is just as easy to sign up to and offers a 5$ instant bonus. This site not only has surveys but it also has a monthly contest you can participate in and have a chance to win without having to pay anything.

The last survey website i have noticed is Valued Opinion. This website offers you many different attractive offers and contests. You will also be given a 5$ bonus once you sign up. Surveys pay from 5$ to 50$ for special surveys.

So, making a profession out of online surveys is not really recommended, but you can make some quick cash with these websites. Of course, its not enough to pay your rent, but it may be enough to pay off some small debts or bills. So, proceed with caution and avoid paying membership fees unless you are 100% sure the source is legitimate. Just remember that around 80% of all advertised survey sites are usually scammers trying to take advantage of you.

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  1. i am a bit skeptic about paid online surverys, they pay but it is very very low.:`:

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