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A newsletter contains several components among which are newsletter layouts. All these components need to be taken care of because they are all important although not to the same degree. It is true that content is king but this by no means dismiss the other elements as useless. If you want newsletter to function to its full potential, you should pay close attention to how it is laid out. An awkward layout may put some readers off.

In order to design a good newsletter layout, you may want to take a look at other publishers’ layouts. This can give you an idea of how a newsletter is to be laid out. This also gives you a multiplicity of options to choose from. The commonest newsletter layout is that which contain two columns. One functions as a sidebar and the other is used for displaying the newsletter’s main content. This is similar to the way in which websites are laid out.

The two columns are not the same size. The main content area takes about two thirds of the whole newsletter space. The other third is left for the sidebar. This makes sense since the sidebar will contain nothing but an outline of the newsletter content and sometimes a few external links. The main content includes the newsletter article, photos, tables and other stuff. It is also possible to add a header to the newsletter and a footer which contains your business contact details.

If you look around, you will find plenty of different newsletter layouts. Each one lays out his newsletter the way they like. You can pick one of those layouts and customize it to your own needs. It is a lot better than starting a layout from scratch. Some newsletters sort of have no layout at all. All they contain is a blank space in which the content is slapped. It is a lot better to use multiple columns because it user-friendly and helps you organize your content.

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