Making money from your computer working from home. Get Paid to Take Surveys

There are several ways to make money online working from home and thousands of online marketers wanting you to purchase their particular method or course. Often this can become overwhelming and make the search for an online income stream even more daunting.

It is important to find a path and stick to it rather than hopping around going from one course to the next without having a definite long term plan. The two main automated ways of earning a living using your home computer are either by selling affiliated products through placing links on your online content or by placing adverts on your website or blog to earn revenue through people clicking on your adverts.

You can also do a combination of the two, placing adverts on your sites and links to affiliate products. This way you will have another stream of income rather than just depending on one. It is worth diversifying when looking to make money online. If you are only promoting one product and that product is taken off the market for some reason or the commission is lowered, you will find yourself out of pocket. Also if you are an affiliate to a major company, promoting their website or products, a policy change of some kind can affect your income. For instance I was promoting ebay through a third party site and their policy changed disallowing third party sites to promote in this way. My previous work was suddenly useless.

This can happen with various companies for lots of reasons. The internet is constantly changing and companies are having to continually alter their policies in line with the changing market to get the most from the internet.  The best defence against this effecting your income from your online activities is to diversify and promote several products, making use of Google adsense as well, placing adverts on your sites to generate revenue through clicks.

Obviously you will have to begin somewhere if you have not already and there are several online courses available which can help you get up and running with your online business. and Google adsense is a good place to start. Open an account in each and create a few articles on This is discussed in more detail in this course.

There are several other ways to make money online. You can buy and sell goods on ebay, the world’s largest auction site. You can answer market research questions and get paid, or start your own online shop with its own website. For more ideas on making money from home visit

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