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Bookkeeping businesses deal with keeping records of the business transactions of other companies. When running this type of business it is necessary to have an intricate knowledge of ledgers, journals, cash books and more. Knowledge of single entry accounting may be necessary, but you’ll definitely need to understand double entry accounting. Fortunately technology makes this all easier. With the use of technology, bookkeeping opportunities have sprung up on the Internet. Online bookkeeping is often referred to as virtual bookkeeping.  What is a virtual bookkeeping business? What are the benefits of it? And how can you start one?

Online or virtual bookkeeping is the same as the traditional way of bookkeeping, but it can be done either at home or from any available computer by accessing all the necessary records from a remote server. The only difference is that the bookkeeper and the client only really interact with each other through the Internet (the client sends the necessary records and the bookkeeper performs the proper accounting procedures).  Bookkeeping deals with all financial accounts from accounts receivables, sales, purchases, and other accounts.

The main benefit of a virtual or home bookkeeping business is that everyone responsible for the financial transactions of the company can access and work on with the same files wherever they are without having to pester company employees. With virtual bookkeeping also the client can always review their financial reports any time they want and any place because it is already accessible online. However for better security of the data, clients who don’t have enough experience with bookkeeping can also access a read only file to avoid any unnecessary changes to the records.

Virtual bookkeeping businesses use an online application that can be accessed by a computer. It allows the bookkeeper to just sit comfortably at her home and work on the clients’ financial transactions. It requires a personal computer with a high speed internet connection. Another requirement is to have bookkeeping software that will store all the files in a remote server and can be backed up so that the client can also access it anytime they want. If the client wants to meet their bookkeeper face-to-face they can always do video conferencing online so that both can communicate business transactions clearly.

Running online accounting services like bookkeeping business is also an enjoyable way to make a living. You manage your own work, but you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary accounting knowledge.

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