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As a doctor who has his own set up you might have missed a few calls from patients. As a lawyer you might have missed the calls of your clients and the reason was of course that you were too busy. Well it is bad for the image of the business if you do not answer calls. I can understand that the reason being that you do not want to invest in personal assistant. True, but wrong as you can go and hire a small business answering service.

There are so many companies and individuals that offer the home based small business answering service. The benefit that you get is manifold. The first one being that you will be able to give your business a more professional image. If someone can pick up the phone and answer the questions for your potential clients or patients then it is really wonderful.

The second benefit is that there are no missed calls and then you calling them back. It saves a lot of time and of course faster response times. It means more business for you. You can then upgrade to better call management software which means that you can go automated thank you messages and automated email replies. The other benefit is that you save on space in the office.

Again to start with find some really good answering service companies. Take a trial from each of them to get the best one as your answering service company. Generally they will charge for each service that they provide but the 1-800 numbers are generally free. Another thing to check is that whether the company hires the locals to answer or does it outsource to India or any other country. You can have a choice their and you should exercise your discretion. Of course the cost will lower for the outsourced answering service.

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