Three Business Models That Can Help You Make Passive Income Get Paid to Take Surveys

There are thousands of different business ventures for any entrepreneur to get involved in. You can find them listed within business magazines at libraries and bookstores. Some require a great degree of upfront capital while others can be started on a shoestring budget.

Owning a business is great, but a prudent entrepreneur understands the concept of making residual income. Residual income allows one to work once and make passive income without lifting a finger. This is the perfect business model for anyone that is lazy, has a full time job, or has a big family. Can you imagine what it would be like to work hard for a short time and make passive income for a lifetime?

Here are a few business models that are centered around earning residual income:


Franchising is a business model that revolves around creating a sound business that can rented out to others for an annual fee. Restaurants, movie rental stores, day cares are just a few examples of many business models that can rented to others for an annual fee.

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing is one of the most lucrative business ventures one can get involved in. Being a landlord puts one in a position where he or she can earn month fees from their tenants. Tenants will be more than happy to pay their landlord a monthly fee in exchange for having a place to stay. Renting homes, apartments, condos, and town homes have made a great deal of money for people around the world.


Blogging is a internet based business opportunity can help anyone make passive income from the privacy of their home. One only needs to set up a blog with some pertinent information that others are searching for. You can charge other individuals or businesses a modest fee for the right to market their products and services on your blog. There are some people that are earning a nice amount of passive income with this simple method.

There are thousands of various business opportunities around the globe. It is prudent that one selects an opportunity that will put him or her in a position to earn residual income. Franchising, real estate investing, and blogging are three business models that can help anyone make passive income.

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  1. My personal favorite is blogging. Set up a self hosted blog which you can customize in terms of themes. Write something interesting and make it search engine optimized by using specific keywords, posting on forums with your blog URL in your signature, comment on other niche blogs etc. Use Google Adsense to generate income and Google Analytics to track traffic.

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