Make Your Affiliate Blog Your Source of Income

I am sure that everyone will agree with me when I say that it is very time consuming to come up with a good website. The simple reason for this is that even to make a template is a daunting task. And as you can just imagine, the result of this is that those people who are into an online base business would have less opportunity to promote their blogs, which of course means less money in the pocket.

One solution that you can use is to create your own affiliate blog. Eventually, you will see your paycheck getting bigger. Needless to say, blogging is a highly efficient and very effective way to promote your products compared to coming up with your own website.

Another thing that you would surely appreciate about having your own affiliate blog is the fact that it is considered a website already. And also, there are way too many free blogging websites in the internet, which means that you will also reduce your expenditures. WordPress is a kind of tool that will guide you how to set up your blog site.

There is also nothing for you to worry about when it comes to maintaining your affiliate blog. You have to realize that it is your fortune that maintaining your blog site is just as easy as updating your personal diary. Your own experience can easily be the topic of your article where you would also mention the products you want to sell.

Many people still wonder how an affiliate blog can help online marketers sell their products. The thing is that there will be links in the blogs which is used to take the person clicking them to the website of the internet merchant.

And obviously, the main weapon in an effective blog is the content. It is highly necessary that the content is meaningful and informative enough, so that readers will not be driven away. We all know that people hate crappy articles.

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Business Desktop Maintenance: Computer Programs You Can Use

There are a number of computer programs that you can use in order to help you be organized at work and at the same time maintain your business desktop and keep it working to its optimum performance. As a professional who may or may not be a web monkey, you can use the following programs (which are easy to install) to help you achieving goals in your job, and at the same time keeping your little desktop machine intact and maintained:

1. Anti-virus programs
Probably one of the most downloaded and installed programs since the invention of a desktop computer, there are a lot of anti-virus programs available that you can choose from. Basically, an anti-virus program is one kind of computer software that you can install on your business desktop computer that will detect and delete computer viruses. Their main purpose is to protect your computer from unknown files (virus) that can cause your operating system to malfunction or in extreme cases, break down and permanently delete all your files. This is probably the best and the most essential computer software program that you will install in your desktop to keep it maintained.

2. Desktop Calendar
For professionals, sometimes a physical desk calendar is not enough to keep track of daily meetings, deadlines and other important schedules. Sometimes it is more effective if we see what is scheduled for the day the minute we turn on the desktop computer. You can download and install a desktop calendar ( offers a number of choices for your needs) in order to keep track of your schedule. Features may vary according to functionality.

3. Post-it Notes for computers
They are the electronic version of the good-old post-it. You can virtually create post-its for reminders and important meetings, and you can see them instantly in your desktop computer. When done, you can easily delete them. They also do not take up too much computer space, so you won’t be clogging your hard drive and you will have more space for other important documents. Most laptops for students or other work-oriented laptops come with preinstalled productivity software like post-it notes or calendars.

Dont Despair, Make Money From Home

Earning a living now has become more difficult than ever it seems. With the crisis of banks, insurance companies, real estate trouble and many other businesses going bankrupt, its more difficult to make money. More and more people are turning to the internet to make money from home in order to provide.

One of my favorite ways to make money at home is to use Ebay. Ebay allows you sell goods to a worldwide audience. You can make an account for free and start selling things you no longer use, something you have made, or you could be ingenious and sell stuff for others and keep a percentage.

To make money from home you need to be dedicated and focused. Anyone thats self emplyed will tell you that if your not that its not going to pay off. Set some guidelines for yourself and stick with them; are you going to make calls to new people for an hour a day, noon to 5pm is for appointments and follow ups, how many articles are you going to write, what research needs to be done, etc.

Going along with ebay you could use craigslist. If you havent used it then Ill let you know its a place where you can list stuff to a local market, sort of like online classifieds for your newspaper. You can list in any area you wish though so if its something that can be mailed that may be a better idea.

The other way to use craigslist would be to buy stuff from it and then sell them on ebay. For instance you could do some research on ebay and check the going price is for a specific item and then start looking on craigslist for it to relist.

You can make money from home if you really put your mind to it and its something you enjoy doing. If you spend your days doing work that leaves you frustrated, upset and in worse health than you would like then its probably past time that you look into something else, and making money at home could just be the ticket.

Make Money from Home by Writing Articles

They say that there’s no money in writing and that authors and/or writers are penniless people. Actually, a click of your mouse and a little online browsing would prove them wrong. Writing is definitely a hobby and a skill that can help you or anyone that’s inclined to this, earn while enjoying. How is this so? How can you actually use that talent of yours to make money? Better yet, how can you make money from home by just, well, writing?

First, you need to ask yourself what type of writing you’re inclined to. Are you more of a creative writer or a technical one? This is very important because overlooking this might just give you loads of paper work that is not of your expertise. Also, this can affect the quality and number of your outputs. Moreover, you don’t want to give a wrong impression to employer, right?

Second, know where to find jobs online that require article writing. There are numerous online freelance websites that offer writing jobs at different rates. Popular sites that you could visit are oDesk, Easyoutsource, Freelancer, and Peopleforhire.

Odesk is more established since they have their own work interface in which employers can keep track of what their employees are doing, plus they are affiliated with Payoneer in which they use to pay their employees. Easyoutsource is exclusively for Filipino freelancers looking for jobs, majority of which are writing jobs. Freelancer is much like oDesk, however they don’t have their own work interface. Peopleforhire is a UK based company and they pay their employees in British Pounds.

These are just some of the few examples of the sites you could visit. It’s always helpful to ask friends with article writing experiences on where to find jobs online.

Last and probably the most important, enjoy what you’re doing. Yes, it is easy to earn money this way, but if you forget to have fun, even the simplest of jobs can become stress machines. Just relax, and work at it at your own pace without compromising your employers’ interest. Apply to jobs that you know you can handle and you believe you’re knowledgeable in. So if you’re planning to make money from home, write articles! This way, you are utilizing the talent that you already have, you are having fun doing what you do best, and most importantly, you make money from the convenience of your own home!

How to Stay Safe with Paid Surveys


This guest post was written by Elizabeth Cutten. She runs FindMySurveys, a paid surveys directory helping you find the best of the best research companies online.

If you want to make money online, and you’re thinking about signing up with a paid surveys company, there are a few things that you’re going to want to know about.  There are a lot of companies out there that not only want to scam you, but take your information as well.

To help you with your survey searching experience, I wanted to give you some tips that you can use, in order to stay safe, when you want to sign up with a research company.

#1 Trust your gut – This sounds silly, but you will find that it works 99% of the time.  If the site looks poorly designed, or you just don’t trust it, then I would consider that you run.

#2 Look on the BBB – Check with the Better Business Bureau online, and you will find that if the company is listed, look at the grades, as well as the complaints if there are any.  If the company has a great grade, you should feel relatively safe with them.

#3 Watch out for the fake offers – Have you ever seen the surveys that offer you free $500 gift cards, and more?  99% of the time, these are scams, and all they will do them is take your e-mail, as well as address to sell it off to other people.

#4 Be weary of “get rich quick” books – There are many e books online that claim that you can make $10,000+ a month with surveys, but the kicker is that you have to pay $40+ for the ebook.  Most of the time, you can get this information by searching online.

#5 Don’t download anything – Some companies will require that you download items such as a toolbar, or some other piece of software.  I would highly advise that you steer clear of companies that want you to download items.  This can lead to spy-ware issues, and more.

#6 Keep a separate email account – Do what I do, and keep a separate email when you want to join research panels.  This won’t only help you organize things easier, but you will find that you can avoid a load of spam that many companies may send out.

These six tips can easily save you from joining a research panel that can come around to haunt you.  As long as you trust your gut ,and do a little research, you should be able to find a company that make you a little side cash!

Fast Rising Careers in Medical Billing Coding

The medical field has enlarged in an area that requires billing and coding skills. This field opened up wide when the home business market received increased interest. With the economic hits this country has taken, this field was one of those that garnered a lot more interest.

Educational training has increased tremendously for this field and certificates as well as degrees are available for people interested in this type of work. It does not necessarily have to be a home-based business but that is available with the proper computer hardware and software at home. Working as an independent contractor with regular clients or working with a firm are options for this field.

Because the option to work as an independent contractor can be an opportunity for working out of the home, having the correct electronic medical billing software is really important. There is specific software available for purchase to be able to successfully work from home. Depending on whether working as an independent contractor or whether working directly for a corporation will depend on how the expenses for the software are compensated. There are several free trial software packages that can be used. However, there are more than twenty-six different software systems available to be used for this industry.

One of the criteria for the medical coding and billing is having at least a basic knowledge of medical codes, the anatomy, medical terminology, and other pertinent information relative to the field. There is a basic typing requirement of 35 wpm. The earnings range from eight dollars an hour up to forty dollars an hour. These rates are based on the amount of experience and educational background that is held by the interested person.

Increases in pay grow from additional education and training in the areas of management directly related to the medical billing and coding field. These are medical billing and coding jobs such as supervisor, director of billing, director of coding, and other management positions that grow from having knowledge and experience.

There are many places of opportunity for the medical billing and coding specialist. These places include the offices of doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and insurance companies to name a few. As this field continues to expand and opportunities grow from developing areas, this will certainly be a field that will capture the attention of people looking for more interesting work in the medical field and for working from home. There are various credible sources online that have in-depth information and direction for anyone interested in this field.

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