Business Desktop Maintenance: Computer Programs You Can Use Get Paid to Take Surveys

There are a number of computer programs that you can use in order to help you be organized at work and at the same time maintain your business desktop and keep it working to its optimum performance. As a professional who may or may not be a web monkey, you can use the following programs (which are easy to install) to help you achieving goals in your job, and at the same time keeping your little desktop machine intact and maintained:

1. Anti-virus programs
Probably one of the most downloaded and installed programs since the invention of a desktop computer, there are a lot of anti-virus programs available that you can choose from. Basically, an anti-virus program is one kind of computer software that you can install on your business desktop computer that will detect and delete computer viruses. Their main purpose is to protect your computer from unknown files (virus) that can cause your operating system to malfunction or in extreme cases, break down and permanently delete all your files. This is probably the best and the most essential computer software program that you will install in your desktop to keep it maintained.

2. Desktop Calendar
For professionals, sometimes a physical desk calendar is not enough to keep track of daily meetings, deadlines and other important schedules. Sometimes it is more effective if we see what is scheduled for the day the minute we turn on the desktop computer. You can download and install a desktop calendar ( offers a number of choices for your needs) in order to keep track of your schedule. Features may vary according to functionality.

3. Post-it Notes for computers
They are the electronic version of the good-old post-it. You can virtually create post-its for reminders and important meetings, and you can see them instantly in your desktop computer. When done, you can easily delete them. They also do not take up too much computer space, so you won’t be clogging your hard drive and you will have more space for other important documents. Most laptops for students or other work-oriented laptops come with preinstalled productivity software like post-it notes or calendars.

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