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Earning a living now has become more difficult than ever it seems. With the crisis of banks, insurance companies, real estate trouble and many other businesses going bankrupt, its more difficult to make money. More and more people are turning to the internet to make money from home in order to provide.

One of my favorite ways to make money at home is to use Ebay. Ebay allows you sell goods to a worldwide audience. You can make an account for free and start selling things you no longer use, something you have made, or you could be ingenious and sell stuff for others and keep a percentage.

To make money from home you need to be dedicated and focused. Anyone thats self emplyed will tell you that if your not that its not going to pay off. Set some guidelines for yourself and stick with them; are you going to make calls to new people for an hour a day, noon to 5pm is for appointments and follow ups, how many articles are you going to write, what research needs to be done, etc.

Going along with ebay you could use craigslist. If you havent used it then Ill let you know its a place where you can list stuff to a local market, sort of like online classifieds for your newspaper. You can list in any area you wish though so if its something that can be mailed that may be a better idea.

The other way to use craigslist would be to buy stuff from it and then sell them on ebay. For instance you could do some research on ebay and check the going price is for a specific item and then start looking on craigslist for it to relist.

You can make money from home if you really put your mind to it and its something you enjoy doing. If you spend your days doing work that leaves you frustrated, upset and in worse health than you would like then its probably past time that you look into something else, and making money at home could just be the ticket.

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