The Benefits of a Starting a Gutter Cleaning Business Get Paid to Take Surveys

A gutter cleaning business is the type of business with a small start-up cost that can be operated from home. If you’re hard working enough, you can get the money back in less than a week of constant work.  If you just want to hire someone local to do it for you, I recommend you use a Portland Gutter Cleaning Service.

The few gutter cleaning tools are needed in order to be able to do the job include a ladder, a garden hose and some basic transportation. If you already own a car, just get an iron support on the top of your car, to be able to carry your ladder. You can get all these from a technical shop, or a home improvement one. The successful do it yourself shops are also a good option.

Check the houses in your are and maybe a little further, since you don’t want to buy a small ladder for a multi storied villas neighborhood. So it is better to know what you’re into and study the possible clients first. Make your decision according to their houses. Check more stores and pick the most suitable tools for the quality and price ratio. You might like to start with used tools first and not invest that much from the start.

You must consider getting protection glasses and gloves and also a bucket.

You will also need to get some paper work done. You need to get workers’ compensation coverage as well as liability insurance coverage. Specially if you employ other people. But even if you don’t, these will be great tools since they add to the trust meter and your customers will get the peace of mind in thinking they will be covered in the sad event of an accident or damage.

The hardest part is the start. You need to spread fliers everywhere, put up some promotional prices and add discounts. You might even consider doing a free gutter cleaning for your best friends. This way the word spreads about your good services.

Remember, every new business needs an investiture. If this one doesn’t require too much investment, then you need to do some free jobs.

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  1. Very good tips. That`s something to think about: people often start business on pure enthusiasm and then don`t know what to do with it. By the way – free jobs is sometimes equal the initial investments.

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