Best Work-at-Home Opportunities


With all the convenience that technologies (and the Internet in particular) offer, working at home is now made even easier.  There are a number of legitimate and competitively paying jobs available for the enterprising student, working mother, or the homebound professional.  Read this article for the option that would suit you best.

Work At Home as a Market Research Respondent

Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing.  With such a large amount at stake, companies are aware of the importance of market research in planning out market strategy.  You can work from home as a market research respondent by filling out online surveys.  Usually, companies will send questionnaires through email, or provide you with access to a website where the surveys are posted.  This can be a very easy way to make money, although this is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme.  Companies value honesty and truthfulness in the responses, because there are considered as representative of the social class or economic stratum you belong in.

Work at Home as a Web Content Writer

Web content writing can be a lucrative job, depending on your skills, aptitude and quality of work.  Content writing is one of those jobs that have very flexible work hours.  Usually, content writers get paid by the hour or per project completed.  If you write well in English, can produce quick and easy to read copy, and can tackle a lot of topics, you are apt to do well in this job.  While it is also an advantage to have a subject field or two in which you are an expert, the ability to research and write on unfamiliar topics are even stronger advantages.  As a content writer, it will be your responsibility to produce original content, as plagiarism and duplication from other writers are a no-no.  Clients often have access to duplication content software that can detect if the content has already been published somewhere else on the Internet.  Also, once a piece has already been paid for by a client, it is a major breach to re-sell it to another.

Finding clients may not be easy at the start, but continue to practice a good working attitude towards all writing assignments and you will soon build a creditable reputation for yourself.  While publishing and reselling previous work is prohibited, keep copies for inclusion in your portfolio.

Work at Home as a Blogger

Blogging gigs can be through your own personal website or through blogging for a corporate website.  If you are blogging on your own website, income would come from affiliate programs that pay to have their advertisements posted on your site.  If you are a blogger for a company website, you will be getting paid for the content you have written.

Work at Home as a Web Designer and Developer

This requires all technical skills and know-how.  It is one of the most lucrative and in-demand jobs on the Internet, as there are literally thousands of websites created every day.  It may be worthwhile to invest on technical schooling for this kind of job.

Work at Home doing Data Entry Jobs

If you do not have any other skills other than typing and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, then this would be your best entry level position.  Data entry can range from simple encoding of articles to formatting spreadsheets and multimedia presentations.  Data entry jobs have been around even during the olden days before the Internet.

Work at Home Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one who performs personal assistant duties online.  The duties and responsibilities depend mostly on the field that your employer is involved in.  If you are working for an online service company, it might involve handling online job orders, coordinating with clients through Skype or similar programs, and handling correspondence.  A virtual assistant can work for an employer anywhere in the world; you will only need to be available during working hours in his time zone.

Working at home and through online facilities will require you to have a means of accepting payment for your job.  Pay is usually in dollars.  Paypal, and Payoneer are two popular choices, as they are available in most territories. Be wary of work at home opportunities that do not seem to have credibility, and whose legitimacy is suspect.  Most legitimate websites like oDesk have measures to protect both employers and employees from being scammed.

Joana Chrystal Ventura-Moises is a work-at-home blogger, with particular expertise on plumbing and vessel sinks.  She contributes mostly to the Plumbing Point and the Hubpages.

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Text Marketing Services For Resellers

Text marketing is one of the most personalized mass marketing methods available. The possibility of a marketing strategy that targets individuals personally, but also is a mass advertising avenue, has been realized with text marketing. Marketers from companies across the globe have realized the potential of marketing through SMS messages. This is a good thing for many SMS resellers. SMS resellers are people who buy bulk text messages from service providers and set up infrastructure that allows companies to buy and send the messages. With such a broad market for text marketing services, many new marketers are enjoying a good amount of business. If you are interested in a business that does not require a huge investment, but delivers good results, you may be interested in SMS marketing.

What Are Text Marketing Services

With a little help from companies that develop SMS marketing services, you could well be on your way to a successful business venture. Text marketing services are basically companies that are set up to facilitate text marketing. In reality, text marketing resellers are wholesale sellers. Imagine a huge wholesale fruits and vegetables market place. SMS resellers are the vendors, the service providers are the farmers, and companies are the retail buyers. SMS resellers buy text messages from the service providers just as the vendors buy fruits from the farmers. Companies who want to advertise their products or services buy text marketing services from the resellers just like the average shopper buys from the marketplace.

Txtwire is a company that offers SMS marketing services to retailers as well as resellers. If you need a text marketing base to launch your operations, try one of their white label services for resellers. This is one of the best ways to get started. While you may need more personalized infrastructure in the future, Txtwire offers some of the most reliable SMS marketing services for SMS resellers in the market today.

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Make a Statement with Clear Business Cards

Set you business apart from the competition.  Your business card is, most of the times, the very first impression a possible customer has about your business. Not only will your business cards give the customer your contact information, your business cards will also produce a picture of the worth of your services and of your products.  Most people would go for clear business cards as it portray classy professionalism and unrivaled quality.  Those are the reasons why most people stay away from the cheap double sided business cards.

Clear business cards earned its popularity thanks to the different styles of special effects which are effortlessly incorporated into the design and layout.  Now, picture in your mind’s eye if you will, your business card is a clear business card. It is something diverse, something unusual, and not ordinary.  It is something that stands out!  It will generate an image of value making sure that not any single one of your business cards is placed in an unforgettable card holder, or worse, in the trash bin or ashtray.   Clear business cards will leave an enduring idea for each and every one of your potential clients.

These clear business cards have a muted and frosted finish.  There are business card makers that offer holoprint with free card design while others offer the added feature of a long-lasting scratch resistant coating.  With the right images, lay out, colors and fonts, these elements will provide an impressive and stunning representation and image for you and your business.  As for the receiver of the cards, they can only admire the craftsmanship.

Think clear for printing your business cards; translucent and clear plastic cards with a frosted look.  These one-of-a-kind business cards will certainly make a statement for the business as it stands out from the competitors.

How to Make Money on Hubpages

Hubpages is a blog website that allows a person to make money writing about topics of his or her choice. There is no application process meaning that anyone can sign up and write. However, if one expects to be successful with this site, he or she should have good writing skills. After signing up, a person is sent a confirmation email and after the account is confirmed, the person is allowed to start writing. After creating a blog or “hub” a person can then make money on hubpages. Hubpages usually requires that the writing be atleast 400 words long. For the best success with this website, a person should make sure that the blog stands out. It should have an unique title and photos.

One thing about hubpages that could be potentially good or bad, is that a person is paid based on the amount of page views he or she gets. In order to get the most page views, a person should promote his or her blog. There are several ways that a hub can be promoted. One way is through word of mouth. A person should tell his or her family and friends about it and encourage them to read it. Another way is through social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Additionally, having a personal blog or website is also helpful to drive traffic to one’s hub. It can take time to generate a reliable income from this site, so a person looking to get rich should not look to hubpages for that. However, if the person is diligent it can be a pretty simple way to put extra money in the pocket. You also need to monetize your hubpages by placing an Adsense and Amazon affiliate ID onto your hubs so that you can get a share of any clicks that people do on advertisements or any products they buy. Making money on Hubpages also takes a bit of patience but it can be rewarding.

After a person generates enough views, he or she is able to get paid. A person can be paid through google adsense or amazon associates.

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How To Make Money Blogging — It Is Simple But Not Easy

If you want to know exactly how to make money blogging, I will be happy to share the answer with you.  You need to be able to put up a blog in a money niche and then get some great unique content on it.  You then need to select some great products to recommend.  Then you need to focus on getting traffic to your blog.  It is actually very simple but not actually all this easy.  Here are 3 tips for success that I have for you today:

  1.  Use A WordPress Blog — You want to put up a high quality blog that you have control over.  I highly recommend that you start out with a Word Press blog.  If may be a little more intimidating when you get started, but it is worth the extra effort.  The money you make from blogging will quickly cover any startup costs that you encounter with your blog and your hosting.
  2.  Get Your Own Hosting — This may seem like an avoidable expense for you, but it really isn’t.  If you are going to put a lot of work into your content, you do not want to have it hosted on someone else’s hosting platform.  If they want to shut your blog down for any reason, they can do it.  It has happened to many people I know, so it is just in your best interest to get a low cost, basic hosting plan for your site.  You can do this for $5 a month, and is well worth the expense.
  3.  Write Your Own Story Based Content —  You will attract people based on your skills and ability to help them solve their problems.  If you do not think you are a good source of this type of information, use your own stories to share your experiences with your readers.  It makes your content much more interesting and people love to read stories.  This will keep your visitors coming back to your site over and over again.  It is also pretty easy to write stories as compared to posts that teach people things for most new bloggers.

These tips will help you avoid some of the many pitfalls that hamper most people’s attempts to make money blogging.  You simply have to do the right things and avoid doing the wrong things, and you won’t be asking how to make money blogging any more.  You will be making money and will be very proud of this fact.

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Nevada Ranked Most Business Friendly State in the Union


Even if your business isn’t located in the state of Nevada it still comes with many advantages to incorporate in Nevada.  Nevada was just ranked the most business friendly state in the union.

Years ago the best place to protect assets was in off-shore accounts.  Because of the use of off-short accounts to hide money there are penalties involved as well as risk of prosecutions and back tax bills.  State are now allowing for domestic asset protection trusts.  Nevada is one of those states.  As well as providing asset protection for business owners.  Incorporating in Nevada provides many benefits which include:

  • No state income tax
  • Ease of setting up and managing limited liability companies
  • Privacy and asset protection

Due to the taxes on gaming in Nevada there is no need to tax profits on businesses or LLCs.  Many other states including New York and California impose a tax on corporate profits.  Nevada also doesn’t impose a tax on corporate stock or LLC ownership shares.

Setting up a Limited liability company is easy, especially when you work with a company like Laughlin Associates.  They can help you incorporate your business and file your articles of incorporation..

Anyone who owns a business can incorporate in Nevada.

The biggest benefit of incorporating your business in Nevada is the privacy and asset protection it offers to you and your business.  When your business is incorporated properly the corporate veil is hard to pierce, protecting your personal assets as well as your business.  Nevada provides complete anonymity for shareholders.  This protects you from frivolous lawsuits.

With all the benefits of incorporating in Nevada it’s no wonder it is becoming the most popular state to incorporate your business. No matter where you live in the United States, doing business in Nevada is a must.

By: Shannon John

Marketing Manger, Laughlin Associates, Inc.