Worming My Way Up

The general idea is for everyone to reach the top. Being successful is something we all aspire to become. It is definitely the state that we all would like to reach at some point in our lives, and if possible on our own terms. We just want to be able to achieve some success out of our own labors and not through someone else’s, that is for sure. There are also various ways by which success could be realized, and we all choose our own ways, according to our own personal inclinations and preferences. Some might throw it all in the hands of fate, not really planning ahead or making any detailed preparation. It is an impulsiveness that is probably best suited to artists and others who thrive more on their talents and temperament to reach their goals. Another way would to go about it in a more calculated manner, planning way ahead and making sure each step brings results. The ones who belong to this latter group are those who engage in business, and to which I personally belong.

I have always planned on being a businessman. There was just no concrete plan about what type of business I was going to get into at first. All I had was a conviction that I would be successful in whatever type of business I might choose. When I finally did make my choice in the business I wanted to get into, I actually raised a few eyebrows. That was because I decided to raise worms for profit. That is pretty understandable because of people’s general idea about worms is not exactly very glowing. The image that persists is that of the slimy, slithery little creatures that usually disgust people and turn them away. I was not deterred by that however, and as I learned about the good things that could be derived from raising worms for various industries, I know I am pretty much on my way towards success.

How to Make Your Restaurant Sales Go Up When the Economy Goes Down

When the economy is down, people cut back on unnecessary spending, including eating out. Restaurants are always hit hard by a recession and you need to work strategically to keep your restaurant a profitable venture. Here are a few hints that will help you make your restaurant sales go up when the economy is down.

Don’t Lower the Prices

Your first instinct may tell you that lowering your prices might draw in more customers. Resist that temptation. Your suppliers aren’t going to charge you less just because your business is slow, plus you’d have to pay for new menus. Instead, offer coupons at your website for added incentive and savings.

Be a Mentor Your Staff

Your staff is the real key to your success, but they need you to set the standards. Train each of them to provide the best customer service possible, make sure they practice portion control, and reward them for a job well done. Let them earn the honor of being your restaurant’s employee of the month , give them a small monetary award, and put their picture on your website publicly congratulating them.

Don’t Stop Marketing

Now is not the time to stop marketing and attracting new customers; it is, however, time to strategize and use the most cost effective marketing possible. If you haven’t done so yet, now’s the time to invest in a website for your restaurant. A great restaurant web design not only helps people discover your eatery, it also makes your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

You and your employees won’t have to spend near as much time on the phone. Customers can get answers to questions like what hours you’re open and you’re special of the day right on their PC or mobile device. They can make reservations, order carryout, or even write a review about your great food and excellent customer service.

You might think that setting up a website for your website would be too complicated or time-consuming, but you’ll be surprised how painless it is when you work with an experienced restaurant website designer. A good website can be your most valuable weapon during a down economy.