What to Look for in SEO Content

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In today’s world where online promotion is a must, SEO content plays a very important role. SEO content is very valuable to get sales and thus have a successful website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is basically marketing. This helps your website pop up among the hundreds and thousands of other websites cropping up every day.

SEO writing has been a flourishing freelance profession since the start of online promotions. Take for example SEO Oklahoma City. It is now offering SEO content writing as one of its services for local and national businesses.

Before employing SEO for your business, here are some things to be wary of when dealing with SEO content.

Writing for SEO

As an employer, you have to first know what SEO content is like for you to recognize a good or bad write-up. It should be concise, brief, and repetitive.

For example, if you have the keyword “web design in Oklahoma City,” then the article should contain or mention that keyword as often as it can, probably in every paragraph to be sure that it would be retained in the reader’s memory and easily recalled.


There is a fine line between repetitive and nonsensical. Remember that while keywords are repeated for recall, the article must still make sense. Some search engines have even begun sifting through articles that are nonsensical and that are the same words repeated over and over just for page rank.


Usually, SEO starts with keywords. These keywords may be familiar or not to the writer. And in an off chance that it is not, background research must be done before making the article to make sure that it is based on actual facts and is making sense. The content would be easy to check since an article with no background research would only be a jumble of words formed around an article; this would not help your business.

Make Money Doing Data Entry At Home

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Making extra money by doing data entry jobs from home is a good idea. It can, however be hard to find legitimate jobs online.

There are a lot of websites that offer data entry jobs. But read closely and most of them charge a one time fee. If you pay the fee, you will not get a job in return. You will get a list of more websites that have data entry jobs. Some of them also require a one time fee. And there is a good chance that many of these sites are operated by the same person.

If you pursue this route, you may eventually find a way to do data entry from home. But you will probably be surprised at the kinds of data entry jobs you get. Some of them want you to write content for ads that run on websites. Or you may even be asked to write articles. Some jobs will ask you to enter captchas on websites that ask for them. This is a spammers way of getting in somewhere that has been blocked. None of this could be considered typical data entry.

Here’s the good news. If you have data entry skills, you know how to make extra money. The best way is to look locally.

You might be able to find someone who is outsourcing some clerical work. Many places that do this hire employees from temporary agencies so it would be a good idea to apply there. This can sometimes lead to a permanent position.

College students are often looking for someone to type their papers for them. Try advertising on their bulletin boards and in their school paper.

Get some inexpensive but professional business cards and contact locally owned businesses about doing some of their data entry work.

Contact doctor offices and hospitals about doing medical transcription.

If you are persistent, you will find data entry work. Be sure to ask your clients to recommend you to others.

Keep good records of all work you do and save a copy of it. You can also offer a recovery service for files that become lost or damaged.

Top 4 Legitimate Internet Business Opportunities

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It is important when looking at Internet business opportunities to focus on what sales and services can really make profits. In this post I’ll go through two main sales channels and two main services where profits are being made by home business.

Affiliate marketing is probably the most increasingly popular sales channel to consider for home businesses. It allows you to create websites to promote and sell other people’s products. Amazon already provides affiliate programs and third-party companies like Click Bank can interface you with thousands of different products and services quite simply. The real profits can be made if you’re able to leverage online marketing tools to promote your sites most effectively.

The alternative approach to sales is to set up your own e-commerce site. A good starting point for this is using eBay shops to sell your own products or resell other people’s. This also allows you to test out different price ranges. Once you establish a customer base and have identified markets you can start to create your own e-commerce website or go directly to online retailers and leverage their potential customers.

One of the growing trends in Internet business opportunities is the world of freelancing. Many people are able to do freelance work from home as writers, recruiting agents, virtual assistants and even photographers. The amount of profits that you make depend completely on the level of commissions you can achieve and the level of your work.

Blogging for a living has often been told as one of the web 20 Internet business opportunities to pursue. However, many have failed at blogging without making any money. The problem is that you have to pick your niche carefully and write really good content every single time. It also helps if you can use online marketing tools and social media to make sure your blog is read by as large readership as possible.