Working from Home for the Expecting Mom

Expectant or new mothers are in a unique category; they are able to work but also need to do so from home where they can be there for their baby when he or she needs them. The need for jobs that will enable them to work from home is evident but the problem remains of how do you sort out the scams and get rich quick schemes from the legitimate job opportunities. The key to deciphering which home work ideas are good and which are merely ways to separate moms from their money is a combination of common sense, research and of course other mothers who are working from home.

The first step when considering working from home is to consider your talents and work skill set. If you are good at something such as writing or editing, you could work for an online writing company. There are a number of different ones and be certain to research them with the Better Business Bureau; this goes for any employer you are considering working for whether in the home or not.  If you have a way with numbers then considering doing accounting or bookkeeping from home for other people who do not have a way with numbers.

The most popular job from home is of course, the one you left, if you can work from home it will be the best bet for you because you are familiar with it and probably have benefits. Many companies will let new or expectant mothers work at home, especially if they have good computer skills and can accomplish their job from home. This is something to talk about with your boss and set it up with clear expectations on both sides so that it is something easy to move into after having the baby.

Some mothers decide to open their own online business such as selling items on E-bay, or Avon products. If you decide to go this route, plan it carefully and allow for interruptions in your schedule, it is best to schedule outside appointments in the evening if possible or weekends because you will have help with your spouse being able to watch the baby. Organization is the key no matter what you are doing at home or at work. If you are organized and in the habit of using your time efficiently, then working at home will be a great plan for you while your baby is growing and changing so quickly.

If you do have your own business, make certain you follow all the federal and state regulations regarding taxes and expenses, it is generally a good idea to keep detailed records and set aside money for the quarterly taxes so that you will not be surprised when they are due. You should be able to claim a lot of expenses and even deduct some of the area of your home and expenses for work so this pays to set up a separate area in your home as an office.  Do your planning and research then if it is feasible, go ahead and work from home and enjoy your time with your baby.


Joyce Brister is a loving parent and blogger. Joyce loves writing about situations that parents are often faced with. She would like for you to take a look at the lovely Glenna Jean Isabella Baby Bedding Collection at My Baby Bedding Shop.