Tips For Becoming A Top Business Consultant or Coach


So you think you have what it takes to teach someone else how to make a business prosperous. Consulting and coaching is a field that you should not enter into lightly. It takes a certain level of expertise, technical know-how and management skills.

You have to have the acumen to find the problems and then figure out the best ways to fix them. You will be handling what amounts to a person’s whole life; this is why you should give a priority to what the qualifications are for the job. Here are a few things you should consider before settling on becoming a business consultant.

  1. Finds out what credentials are needed to become a business consultant. Depending upon the types of businesses you want to be a consultant for you may need to invest time and money into getting certified or other training.
  2. Make sure you are qualified. You cannot just decide this is what I’m going to do and hang out a shingle. You would not go to a physician that did not go to medical school, would you? Well the same goes for a business consultant. You must have some form of proof that you know what you are talking about. Oh, you may get a few clients that you can flim flam without being knowledgeable but that will not last.
  3. You need to prepare a business plan. You also need to get yourself organized. If you are starting a home based business you should have a designated office.
  4. Networking will help you to get the word out that you are in business. Be professional in your communications.
  5. Market your business. It is all well and good to start a business but if no one knows you are there you cannot get any clients.


Risks For You

This is one of the riskiest businesses out there. Although, you do have the freedom to set your own schedule, go on vacation when you want, pick the clients you want to work with, this too has its drawbacks. Realize first that you have just let go of having a payday that is set, you are the final word and there is nobody to do the administrative tasks but you. There isn’t a benefit package or even health-care package, any tech support and a host of other things you would have been an employee of any large firm.

Being a business consultant is a noble profession.  But getting into to the business is risky and sometimes even expensive. The mistakes you make (and you will make them), have to be covered by you alone.  So be brave, but be wise.  And good luck.

Pat Lindles is a small business expert who has started and sold dozens of small businesses.  As a hobby, Pat is a wine broker who helps wine aficionados sell and buy wine online.  Pat lives in Phoenix Arizona with his wife and 3 beautiful kids.