6 Essential Customer Service Skills

Any roles where you are dealing with the public require good customer service skills in order to put across a favorable impression of your company. In this article I’ll show you six of the key skills are traits which you should look for employees and try to improve using training techniques.

  1. Good product knowledge: Your representatives are going to be better able to handle customer requests if the ones on the products and services you provide. Customers will feel more trust in the representative and gain a better impression of your company as result.
  2. Problem-solving: Finding the right solution is the goal of any interaction with the customer. Your customer retention strategies should always be looking at ways in which issue resolution can be streamlined and improved to aid your representatives as well as the customer.
  3. Action oriented: Each customer service representative needs to juggle several tasks at once. They should be able to prioritize their work and manage the time effectively. Proper allocation of work and ability to delegate are also beneficial customer service skills.
  4. Professionalism: Don’t forget that your company is being represented by a single customer facing employee. The better impression they make, the more favorably your company is perceived. This includes their appearance, tone of voice and general level of professionalism in handling customer complaints.
  5. Confidence: Any employees dealing with customers who exude confidence establish a level of trust with the customer. This really only can be established through a certain level of experience and proper education in your product range.
  6. Communication skills: Lastly, the most important ability is to communicate effectively and actively listen to customers in both written and verbal communications. All interactions should be done in a consistent, polite and courteous manner so that the customer is effectively dealt with in the most respectful of ways.