A Simple Business Proposal Template Guide

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Writing a business proposal template can be daunting for many people. You do however have the request for proposal (RFP) as a good starting point for understanding what content it included.

The basic structure of your business proposal should have two sections. The first is your executive summary. Many of your customers will actually read this section and then scan through the remainder of the document. For this reason, it should highlight the key benefits of going with your company’s approach and how this satisfies the needs detailed in their request for proposal. Always keep in mind that your customer has profitable business ideas they want delivered upon see you need to show how your approach can help them.

The remainder of the document is all of your supporting information. This backs up all of the statements that you mentioned in the executive summary. It should include information regarding the people who will actually perform the work, how they’re going to be managed, the list of tasks that need to be done, initial costs, where delivery will happen, production approaches that are confused, action plans, reporting approaches, evaluation criteria and milestones.

This section can become quite detailed so it makes sense to reference an appendix section where you put more in-depth details. This is often a wise choice if you have extensive cost information you want to include.

Finally, your business proposal template should always be reviewed based on the evaluation criteria specified in the RFP. This often provides you with a score that can be used for establishing if you have provided all the information they require. When reviewing your document you should revisits all your statements to make sure that a customer reading the document will see clearly what the benefits of your approach are. Extraneous information should be removed if it does not contribute to highlighting these benefits.

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