Leadership Skills List: 6 Qualities Of Great Leaders

It is useful to use a leadership skills list to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your management approach. This post goes through some of the key skills, traits and characteristics found in business and political leaders.

  1. Good leaders are always question the advice of others. Many organizations use consultants and advisers at many levels of their business. Managers should always be questioning the advice and information is coming in to establish its veracity.
  2. Management realized that empowering others do works important but you should not lose sight of the finer details of your business. It is far too easy to focus solely on the longer term planning horizons of your company and the business development strategies for your firm. Make sure your day-to-day operational concerns, issues and successes are still on your radar.
  3. Management has to take risks. However, good managers always do so in a prudent way. You can always garner plenty of information before making a calculated choice about what risks can occur and put in place the appropriate mitigating factors.
  4. Management should always be planning ahead for future opportunities and potential threats. Your business will be prone to change so you should be planning for this eventuality at all costs.
  5. Managers realize that a business is run by front-line staff, knowledge management and key people. A large percentage of good management spend their time fostering the right environment within your organization and making sure that knowledge and people management is key.
  6. Strong managers do not rely on one single management approach or technique. Modern business is all about change. As a result, business models are also prone to change making management techniques rapidly out of date. It is worthwhile having these techniques on your leadership skills list but you should be flexible about making dynamic decisions on various strategies and business choices.

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2 thoughts on “Leadership Skills List: 6 Qualities Of Great Leaders”

  1. Leadership means teamwork, decision making, involvement in different situations and so on. The biggest and most common mistake in today’s leadership is managers that don’t get interested in their team’s or employees’ everyday life. They don’t become friends with them, they just see them as tools, and that’s a big no-no! I’ve read a very interesting book on leadership written by David Grabovac called “Are leaders born or made?” and it presents some very interesting facts and examples of past leaders as well as what skills it would take to be the perfect leader in our current society. A very good read, highly recommended.

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    1. I completely agree. Taking an interest in your employees–though not to the point of getting too personal, of course–is a must for any leader who wants to get employees more involved and interested in what they do. You can’t just treat them like cogs in the machinery. At the very least, leaders shoud respect employees’ views and get their opinion on projects and the direction the company is headed.

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