Home Based Jobs for Moms

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With a new family to look after it is important to consider all your options before returning to work, many moms choose to work from home, so they can be their own boss which gives them the freedom to plan their hours around the family, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility in terms of allocation of time and being able to determine their own priorities.  Below are some  home based business ideas that you may wish to consider when thinking about returning to the work:
Nursery: This is a popular service to offer when considering home based jobs for moms due to convenience, as you are already having to look after your own children.   As you will need to provide scheduled care for a number of children for a set period of time on your own premises, obviously the welfare of the minors is paramount and because of this there is a lot of red tape involved, that you will need to adhere to in order to get your business off the ground and registered.
Event Planning: Plan and manage personal events from your own home.  Children’s birthdays, special occasion such as anniversaries and graduation are all reasons someone may require a personal event planner.  You do need to be very organized and structured in your approach to work to ensure everything runs like clockwork on the day of the event.  This kind of business does take a lot of behind the scenes planning and networking of reliable and professional services, such as caterers, waitresses, bartenders and cleaners, to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.
Tutoring: If you are thinking about how to run a business from home and have a particular skill where you can provide training in a specialized subject to meet business or professional needs then this may be a viable option for you.  Obviously it will depend on the professional qualification you have as to whether or not you need a teaching degree or certificate, this doesn’t however mean you can’t offer your services based on other experiences and background providing you feel confident of being able to convey the subject to the student.
Outside catering: This is a great way to earn extra revenue especially if you have a flair for cooking and there is always demand for someone catering for private functions.
A catering business will involve doing everything from the ground up from preparing and cooking food to designing entire menus that offer a range of gourmet menus for special occasions. Running your own business in this environment means you do need to be someone who is quite flexible and be ready to adapt to working in new and unfamiliar environment and on occasion be prepared to take on some unusual requests.

There are many jobs that are suitable for moms but working from home offers a much greater degree of flexibility and free time that is so needed when you have a young family which is why its such an appealing option.

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