Reasons I Love My Home Party Business

I recently started a home party business and absolutely love it! I find it is perfect for me because it is flexible, allows me to stay at home with my kids, and have fun while making money!

Very Flexible

I love that my home party business is flexible. Since I am the boss, I can choose how many or how few hours I want to work. This is really great for me because some months I have a lot of extra time to devote to working, while others I am completely slammed with family life and other commitments. It is also flexible in that I could choose the company I wanted to promote. There are countless home party business companies with a wide variety of products. This was good for me because if I am promoting something to my family and friends, I have to love it.

Work From Home

It was necessary for me to look into home party businesses because my family can’t afford to live on one income, but putting the kids in daycare would be so expensive it just wouldn’t be worth it. My home party business is the perfect solution to this problem. It is easy enough that I can watch the children while doing work. My kids even like setting up for the parties, and I think they enjoy the company and entertainment as much as I do!

Have Fun

There aren’t many jobs where you get to make money while throwing parties! The home party business does just that. I get to throw a party while offering my guests a chance to buy the wonderful products I am promoting. I love that I get to hang out with my family and friends while “working.” I also like the unlimited earning potential with this business. The company I am working with also offers a lot of incentives and promotions. Not that I need an incentive to throw a party!

My home party business was exactly the kind of job I needed as a stay at home mom. I did a lot of research on other work at home jobs and learned how to start a carpet cleaning business and a childcare business, but none of those appealed to me like the home party business. It allows me to care for my children, choose my hours, and have fun while making money. These are the kind of perks that few other jobs can offer!