New to Working from Home? Enjoy these Money Saving Changes

<img class=”alignright” style=”margin: 2px; border: 2px solid black;” src=””” width=”300″ height=”200″ />Are you new to working from home? Congratulations! Working from home is an exciting way to live your life and explore career options. Many people have made a successful career from working at home. Additionally, some people work for a company that allows them to work from home. Either way, congratulations are in order. You’ll enjoy money saving perks working from home.

Don’t misunderstand. Working from home is anything but a cakewalk.  You’ll work more hours, have less time off and work harder than ever before. Remembering benefits like these helps you keep going when the going gets tough.

No Commuting

You probably hated waking up early in the morning just to be stuck in highway traffic for an hour. Well, you no longer need to do either of these morning activities. Instead, you can now get to wake up when you want to and start working at your leisure. Even better, you do not need to commute anywhere; you can simply stay put.

Of course, by working from home and not commuting, you save valuable gas money. For many families, gasoline is the second highest bill in their budget, behind rent or mortgage. By working from home, you are saving approximately $200-400 a month in gasoline. On top of that, the best auto insurance companies offer discounts as high as 50 percent or more for low mileage. That can be $400 to $800 a year.


No More Daycare

If you have children, you know exactly how hard it can be to find someone to watch your kids while you finish your last hour at work. Daycares are very expensive and babysitters aren’t always reliable. You probably spent hundreds of dollars every month just to make sure your kids were being taken care of while you set in traffic trying to get home. Now you can save money and keep an eye on the kids yourself, or save money by limiting daycare to part time.

Less Eating Out

Statistics show that nearly half of all working adults spend money every day during their lunch break. Eating out every day can become very expensive, whether you are getting fast food, having a sit down lunch, or anything in between. Some studies show that working adults spend an average of $200 a month on food for their lunch break.

Now that you are working from home, you can make your own lunch from the food you buy every week grocery shopping. Additionally, it is now easier to eat healthy foods, because you have full control of what you eat, instead of having someone else prepare your meal. Therefore, not only do you save money from eating out, but you also may improve your health.

Even if you have taken a pay-cut when you decided to work from home, you can see that you are saving hundreds of dollars every month by staying home. Saving $200-400 on gas, $35 to $65 on car insurance, $200 on daycare, and $100-200 on eating out adds up to a total of $500-800 saved monthly. Enjoy the money saved, keep up the good work, and start having fun with your career.

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