Key Strategies for Starting a Personal Shopper Home Business Get Paid to Take Surveys

Launching a home business as a personal shopper has many advantages for a budding entrepreneur. Start-up costs are minimal, demand is strong and growing, and hours are flexible. Depending on the area, personal shoppers can expect to make a reasonable income.

Job Description

If you are working for elderly people or people with limited mobility, you will be running errands and picking up items for those who can no longer drive. You might pick up a few grocery items or a prescription, clothing from a department store and such. You will not be providing medical care or personal care service. Busy parents require similar assistance with shopping and errands they don’t have time for.


The biggest advantage of this service is the small start-up investment: you need a car and a telephone. You also need certain personal qualities such as friendliness, organization, and reliability. Then you need a couple of clients. To locate elderly clients, ask your friends and family for suggestions. Ask at churches, community centers and senior centers. Contact your state’s agency for the aging. Use similar methods to find busy working parents who need your service. Network or advertise at day care centers, social network sites, gyms or workplace break rooms. As younger people learn of the service you provide their parents, they will request your help, too. This is definitely a word of mouth enterprise. That’s why you were advised above to start with a couple of clients!


You provide a valuable service, both to the elderly and their children who often carry this responsibility. You set your own hours, perhaps while children are in school, or around other obligations. Often you can combine client errands with your own, or pick up several clients’ items at the same place.


If clients are not concentrated in one area, you may spend more time running around than is profitable. Try to limit your client base by location. The work can also be sporadic in the beginning. But as you become known and valued, you will find the hours filling up rather nicely.


All services for the elderly should be strong for the next several decades. Many of today’s octogenarians will live to the century mark and right behind them are the largest generation ever: baby boomers. If they meet or exceed their parents’ longevity, the elderly will be consuming services for the next half-century.


Many personal shoppers report making around $15 per hour; some are making much more. How much you make will depend on not only your geographic region but also the clients you attract. In densely populated areas, you should make more. As your management skills improve and your base expands, you can expect to see earnings increase, making this a solid home business opportunity.

Starting a personal shopper home business offers immediate income with flexible hours and can be quite profitable with long-term possibilities.

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Get a Head Start to Making Money Online Get Paid to Take Surveys

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade, you know that making money online is all the rage; you are probably also aware that it is not quite as easy as some people make it out to be. As it turns out, it takes some work, systems, thought and knowledge. There have been many people that have fired their boss without thinking about the next step, and have come to regret it immensely. This article will help you understand the different methods of making money online so you can make an informed decision of which method is right for you.

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing did not really exist until the internet made its debut. Basically, with affiliate marketing, when you sell someone else’s product or service, you receive a commission, or a percentage of the sales. Think of Amazon; when someone buys a book from your affiliate website, you receive a percentage of the sales.  There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing companies on the internet. They provide you with a general website, and you just have to promote it. When people buy the product, you will be notified and receive your payment.

Create Your Own Product

If you have an idea for a product that you’d like to create yourself, you can do this. Think e-books, physical books, jewellery, clothing, gift baskets, etc. The scope of things you could create is only limited by your imagination. You can create a website that showcases your products and you can also sell them on platforms like E-bay. You can create joint ventures with others who sell similar products. The possibilities are endless.


MLM is also known as network marketing. It is similar to affiliate marketing, in the sense that you are selling someone else’s product or service. The biggest difference is that with MLM, you are not only selling products, you are building a downline. When others sign up to sell that same product, you will now make money off of what they sell on top of what you sell. Some companies have no limit on how many levels you can build your downline, meaning you can make money on infinite levels; other companies have what they call breakaway plans, which limits the number of levels.

No matter what type of business plan you choose to implement, know that making money online does take time, effort and persistence. You will also need a monthly budget so you can put it into your marketing strategy. The most important thing is to believe in the product or company you are promoting.  Make sure you understand the compensation plan, and if you create your own product, make sure it’s made of the best quality materials. This will only build your reputation and set you apart from your competition.


Johnny Guyzer has over 6 years experience as a financial consultant but has been unemployed for the past 4 months due to the economic recession unfortunately. To help his current financial situation, he used an online service to compare quotes offered by various insurance carriers to get the best rates on Canadian life insurance.

Can you make money through pay per lead affiliate marketing?

Yes, pay per lead affiliate marketing is one of the most viable options to make extra money online. Not only pay per lead affiliate, there are various other affiliate programs too through which you may be able to earn money online and that too from the comfort of your home. Affiliate marketing is a popular online money making options because you are not required to sell any of the items or services to the visitors or customers.

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is when you as the affiliate promote the products or services belonging to the merchant company, simply with the help of adding a link or ad of the merchant company in your website. In order to do this, you are required to sign up with a merchant company who has various affiliate marketing networks. The merchant company then gives you, the affiliate a link in order to trade the product. This is a try on the part of the merchant company to boost their sales. Every time a visitor coming to your website clicks on the ads or the links that you have added in your website, he/she immediately gets directed to the merchant’s or the seller’s website and if the visitor purchases any of the products or services, the will be able to learn lots of commission. There are various kinds of affiliate marketing programs like the pay per affiliate, pay per sale affiliate, and pay per click affiliate and so on.

Pay per lead affiliate program

The pay per lead affiliate programs are the type of affiliate programs which pay the affiliate on creating more and more leads for the merchant company. Pay per lead programs are generally free to join and also produces more money for the affiliates. With pay per lead affiliate marketing, you get paid whenever a person fills out a form. When a prospective buyer fills out a form, he/she is considered to be the lead and thus the name, pay per lead affiliate program. The more leads you are able to provide, the ore will be the amount of money you are able to earn through the program.

Though no actual “sale” is made through this program, you get paid for simply motivating the visitors coming to your site to fill out a form or requesting them to provide some information. On an average in case of pay per lead affiliate program, you get paid anywhere in the range of $1 to even a whopping $60 per lead.

In order to make decent money through the program you will have to follow some tips. You will have to send the traffic directly to the site of the merchant. If you can send traffic directly to the landing page of the merchant company’s website, you will be able to immediately boost the conversion ratio. This will in turn help you to lower the chances of losing any customers. You will have to promote your website in order to increase the number of visitors to your site. Only if more visitors come to your website, the opportunity of creating more leads may increase. If you are planning to sign up with different affiliate programs, try to create different websites of the different category of items or services that you are going to promote. You will have to choose the programs and links as per the contents of your websites.

In addition, you will also have to place the affiliate links in the right place of your website so as to increase the visibility.

Contributed By: Jenney Roberts

Tips For Becoming A Top Business Consultant or Coach


So you think you have what it takes to teach someone else how to make a business prosperous. Consulting and coaching is a field that you should not enter into lightly. It takes a certain level of expertise, technical know-how and management skills.

You have to have the acumen to find the problems and then figure out the best ways to fix them. You will be handling what amounts to a person’s whole life; this is why you should give a priority to what the qualifications are for the job. Here are a few things you should consider before settling on becoming a business consultant.

1. Finds out what credentials are needed to become a business consultant. Depending upon the types of businesses you want to be a consultant for you may need to invest time and money into getting certified or other training.

2. Make sure you are qualified. You cannot just decide this is what I’m going to do and hang out a shingle. You would not go to a physician that did not go to medical school, would you? Well the same goes for a business consultant. You must have some form of proof that you know what you are talking about. Oh, you may get a few clients that you can flim flam without being knowledgeable but that will not last.

3. You need to prepare a business plan. You also need to get yourself organized. If you are starting a home based business you should have a designated office.

4. Networking will help you to get the word out that you are in business. Be professional in your communications.

5. Market your business. It is all well and good to start a business but if no one knows you are there you cannot get any clients.

Risks For You

This is one of the riskiest businesses out there. Although, you do have the freedom to set your own schedule, go on vacation when you want, pick the clients you want to work with, this too has its drawbacks. Realize first that you have just let go of having a payday that is set, you are the final word and there is nobody to do the administrative tasks but you. There isn’t a benefit package or even health-care package, any tech support and a host of other things you would have been an employee of any large firm.

Being a business consultant is a noble profession.  But getting into to the business is risky and sometimes even expensive. The mistakes you make (and you will make them), have to be covered by you alone.  So be brave, but be wise.  And good luck.

Pat Lindles is a small business expert who has started and sold dozens of small businesses.  As a hobby, Pat is a wine broker who helps wine aficionados sell and buy wine online.  Pat lives in Phoenix Arizona with his wife and 3 beautiful kids.

Working from Home for the Expecting Mom Get Paid to Take Surveys

Expectant or new mothers are in a unique category; they are able to work but also need to do so from home where they can be there for their baby when he or she needs them. The need for jobs that will enable them to work from home is evident but the problem remains of how do you sort out the scams and get rich quick schemes from the legitimate job opportunities. The key to deciphering which home work ideas are good and which are merely ways to separate moms from their money is a combination of common sense, research and of course other mothers who are working from home.

The first step when considering working from home is to consider your talents and work skill set. If you are good at something such as writing or editing, you could work for an online writing company. There are a number of different ones and be certain to research them with the Better Business Bureau; this goes for any employer you are considering working for whether in the home or not.  If you have a way with numbers then considering doing accounting or bookkeeping from home for other people who do not have a way with numbers.

The most popular job from home is of course, the one you left, if you can work from home it will be the best bet for you because you are familiar with it and probably have benefits. Many companies will let new or expectant mothers work at home, especially if they have good computer skills and can accomplish their job from home. This is something to talk about with your boss and set it up with clear expectations on both sides so that it is something easy to move into after having the baby.

Some mothers decide to open their own online business such as selling items on E-bay, or Avon products. If you decide to go this route, plan it carefully and allow for interruptions in your schedule, it is best to schedule outside appointments in the evening if possible or weekends because you will have help with your spouse being able to watch the baby. Organization is the key no matter what you are doing at home or at work. If you are organized and in the habit of using your time efficiently, then working at home will be a great plan for you while your baby is growing and changing so quickly.

If you do have your own business, make certain you follow all the federal and state regulations regarding taxes and expenses, it is generally a good idea to keep detailed records and set aside money for the quarterly taxes so that you will not be surprised when they are due. You should be able to claim a lot of expenses and even deduct some of the area of your home and expenses for work so this pays to set up a separate area in your home as an office.  Do your planning and research then if it is feasible, go ahead and work from home and enjoy your time with your baby.


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Smartest Career Choices for New Technology College Students Get Paid to Take Surveys

Contrary to popular belief, general IT work is becoming more and more difficult to come by. Unusually talented IT specialists will always find jobs, but the typical employer already has a full IT department and is not looking for fresh faces. Students who are considering working in computer related fields should skip the standard networking degrees and focus on degrees that are more cutting edge. Technological advances are moving so quickly right now that by the time you finish a two year degree the computer world will have moved forward substantially. Try to find a course of study that projects itself into future computer needs rather than one that prepares you for jobs that are already well established.

Wages Indicate IT Market Overloaded

One of the best ways to keep track of the availability of jobs in a certain sector is to watch the pattern of wages being offered. If the wages are rising, the need for workers in that field is increasing. If the wages are stagnant or dropping, the market has more workers than it can bear in that particular area. Between 2000 and 2005, IT wages held relatively steady. In some regions, the wages began to drop perceptibly. This downward trend indicates that finding work in an average IT job would be difficult for a recent graduate with little experience.

IT Work Highly Mobile

Another recent problem with IT work is that employers have begun looking for ways to cut their computer networking costs. Many companies have outsourced a great deal of their IT work to foreign countries where there are plenty of IT professionals who will work for a fraction of the wages expected in the United States. The shrinking number of IT jobs has tightened the availability of IT work. College recruitment programs from three to five years ago were pushing IT programs strongly, so the number of graduates is growing while the number of jobs is decreasing.

Students Should Consider Emerging Tech Fields

Advancements in technology have begun to shift the way American companies use computers. Students who are interested in IT related fields could find more work available in jobs that are not as well defined. Cloud computing, cell phone and tablet application writing, virtualization, and e-commerce are all high tech fields that are growing exponentially. IT specialists who are well versed in internet marketing and social media are also hot prospects on the job market right now. With some creative thinking and careful attention to growing technology trends, a student could graduate from one of these programs in time to be on the forefront of the field.

Jessica Bosari writes for, a site dedicated to helping students find the right schools for computer information systems careers and other important computer science jobs.