A Quick Look At Coffee Vending

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Coffee vending has a lot going for it:

  • Coffee is popular with more than 70% of the adult consumer market
  • People who drink coffee average about 2 – 3 coffee drinks a day
  • Nowadays even teenagers are drinking coffee expanding the market even further
  • Coffee products have over a 50% mark up, sometimes even higher
  • The coffee industry is huge; billions of dollars in coffee products are sold every year
  • Coffee drinks have a price point of $3 to $4

I’m sure everyone of a certain age can remember the vending years from about 20 years ago. For the most part these machines were primarily found in hospitals and pretty famous for producing spectacularly bad coffee, it was simply hot water poured over dehydrated water with maybe a little cream and sugar added. Of course, back then consumers weren’t as sophisticated as they are today, so this coffee probably wasn’t considered as bad as we would consider it today. Fortunately as coffee drinkers have become more accustomed to higher quality coffee drinks, the vending machine market has also been advancing. Consumers today expect fresh ground premium beans; they expect caramel frappaccinos and chocolate mint macchiatos. Well, that is all possible today out of today’s coffee vending machines. The machines currently available can grind whole fresh beans, foam milk and steam milk and add in extra ingredients like chocolate or caramel. Honestly, with the drinks produced by today’s machines you wouldn’t even be able to tell that they were produced by a machine.

Coffee has always been popular, it’s been around for hundreds of years, however the premium coffee market is a relatively new market that has slowly been gaining steam over the last 20 years. It wasn’t that long ago that most people were percolating coffee on the stove top and the only flavor options were plain cream and sugar. Oh, the horror! Today’s consumers are now grinding their own whole beans, using drip coffee makers and flavoring their coffee with a proliferation of creamer options. My grandfather never moved beyond the stove percolator, but most people nowadays wouldn’t choose to go back to the bad old days of coffee. We love our low fat/no whip caramel macchiatos and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fortunately, coffee vending is easily keeping up with these changing tastes and providing demanding consumers with a top quality product is the way to cash in on the booming coffee market.

Keep the Cash Flowing

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One of the more lucrative investments available in the market now is the cash flow notes industry. It is a trade with very high potential since not so many people know about it and those who do don’t really know how to make money out of it. So what is a cash flow note? These are notes very similar to promissory notes only that the debts are termed. There are many types of notes. The most common are the real estate notes, car loan notes, business loan notes and structured settlement of lawsuits. These notes are binding and are secured by land, car, business assets and annuity loan respectively.

So how does one make money out of this trade? An investor would buy these notes for cash and in return gets the right to collect the debt from the third party that owes the notes and the buyer does so at a discounted price. So if one buys notes from a car loan for example that has sixty months worth of five hundred payments per month. So this would equal to thirty thousand at the end of the term. So if the investor can buy the notes at fifteen thousand lump sum he is set to earn another fifteen thousand at the end of sixty months. One risk with this trade though is if the third party fails to pay his obligation. So this is one thing to watch for, if the third party is a known credit risk. But the higher the risk of the third party the higher the discount the investor could demand. But even if the third party fails to pay his obligation the investor would still be covered by the collateral which is in this instance, the car. Another way to earn is to buy and sell these notes. So an investor does not to wait until the end of the term to collect everything. He can at the end of thirty months sell the notes for let’s say eight thousand, netting him a profit of eight thousand.

So you see investing in cash flow notes is not as complicated as it seems. All you need is a keen eye and available cash then your set to make a profit.

A Few Work from Home Ideas for Men and Others

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The need for work from home ideas for men has been on the constant rise ever since the harsh global financial crisis came and went. The forever looming prospects of retrenchments and layoffs have greatly necessitated this demand. You will discover a few handy work from home ideas in this article that will prepare you for any future economic catastrophes.

Start An Online Store

Starting an online store is as easy as setting up a website for a few dollars and then investing a little more than that to diversify its appeal and to give it a lavishly attractive appearance. But when starting an online store you must always remember to have your core interests and passions at the very center of everything. So if you love flowers, start an online store on flowers; if you are passionate about gift giving start an online gift store and if you love horses you can start a content based site on horses. The benefit of starting an online store is mainly in the ease of setting it up as this requires a small start-up cost; plus you never have to rent office space.

Sell Fresh Organic Foods

The demand for organic food has experienced a sharp increase in demand as more and more people are getting fed up with GMO’s with each passing day. If you do not know how to grow there is still a light beam of hope to rekindle one of your most fabulous work from home ideas. Simply hire a professional gardener to help you with growing vegetables, raising chickens and importing fruits. The moment you advertise your business you will instantly start receiving telephone calls. But remember: sell your organic foods at low prices and have a delivery service.


If you are a professional lecturer or teacher you can maximize big time on the potential profits of having extra-lessons. Simply advertise your offering to students with pamphlets; buy tables, books and desks and you will be all set for profiteering. However, make your lessons cheap.

There are many more work from home ideas for everyone. Just do a little research on the Internet and you will see.

Why House Cleaning Jobs Are a Good Source of Income

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It’s always better to live in a clean house. People work and function better when everything is organized – No dishes in the sink, the bed is well made, pillows fluffed, carpet vacuumed and of course, the bathroom spic and span just the way everyone likes it.

But, have you ever thought about cleaning houses for a living? Number one, you don’t require any special training but hard work and dedication and number two, it’s a good source of income (not to mention, house cleaners are paid daily if they work independently and they arrange it with their employers).  Finally, for some people, it’s always fulfilling to leave behind a spotless, orderly house.

As mentioned, cleaning house jobs does require some strenuous physical activity. There will be cases where you need to move the couch for vacuuming and lift heavy mattresses for new sheets. Aside from that, other activities will be easier such as taking out the garbage, washing the dishes and doing the laundry. In the long run, these tasks become easier and easier and will seem repetitive. The easier it becomes, the faster one can finish the job.

Another good thing about house cleaning employment and working for yourself is that one can take as many days off as one likes. But, all the more, this kind of job teaches people to become more responsible about their work as they are the ones who choose which times to work. The times when they choose to work will, in turn, determine the amount of money they can bring in. Additionally, not only can people choose their own schedule but they can choose who to work for. This can sometimes be tricky, hence, it’s best to find out whose house one cleans because the client or the boss is always a big factor in every person’s working habits. But the best thing about house cleaning jobs is that one can build up a reputation and once this reputation is established and spread through word-of-mouth, it will be easier to get more cleaning jobs from different people. Quality service will definitely keep customers loyal and bring in new ones.

In this day and age, people have become either too busy or too lazy to clean their house. Hence, the growing need for people to clean houses is increasing. Again, it is easy money, the likelihood of unlimited supply of profit is high and more importantly, it is an easy job – there is minimal, if not, no amount of thinking required.

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Some Ways on How to Make Money with a Computer

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There are a lot of ways to make money from home. The possibilities are endless. In this article, we will be discussing a number of such money-generating schemes that you could do with your computer. We will also be enumerating some of the newer methods that you may not have even heard of.

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The most common method of generating income with the use of a computer is where you create, purchase a product or a service, develop a website or market or promote traffic to your web page. However, these methods can be quite expensive and may typically take the longest time to achieve.

Affiliate marketing is another method of generating income with internet marketing. There are basically numerous companies that will pay you a commission to promote and sell their services or products. Becoming an affiliate to these companies require no cost.

Bum marketing is one of the most recent methods of generating money online with a computer. Anyone can use a computer in this method with internet access anywhere around the world. It does not require your own product or service or webpage of your own.

There are other ways on how you can earn by use of your computer. The following are some ideas for your reference if you are finding ways on how to earn income by use of your own PC:-

  1. Write essays, articles and blogs
  2. Horse racing or pro football betting
  3. Trading stocks through the computer
  4. Online telemarketing
  5. Offer computer based office management services
  6. Provide broker information
  7. Selling of information to collectors
  8. Preparation of income tax returns
  9. Management of crops and analysis of farm expenses
  10. Book publishing
  11. Perform data base researches
  12. Sell car or life insurance
  13. Computer dealership
  14. Create computer generated portraits
  15. Design of small business system

So if you have been trying to come up with some ideas on making money with a computer, hopefully you should now have a good idea of what road to go down.