Why a Home Party Business Isn’t For Me

Because I want to stay home with my kids, I have been looking for ways to make money from home. A friend of mine suggested I go into home party businesses, where I would sign up to promote and sell a company’s products at home-parties. After researching the pros and cons of a home party business, I have decided that it definitely isn’t for me.

I’m Not a Salesperson

Some people are just born salesmen. I am not one of them. I am really not very good at the art of persuasion, and I definitely think that would be a hindrance to the home party business. The whole premise of a home party business is selling products. Since income is based on commission, I don’t think it would be very profitable for me.

I’m Not Pushy

Not everyone who runs a home party business is pushy, but in order to build a good business you do need to be a bit forward. For example, throwing a party isn’t always as nice as advocates make it sound. Your friends know that you are throwing the party specifically so that you can sell something, and they often feel obligated to come when they would rather stay at home. Plus, if I recommend something to people I know, I want to be sure I can stand behind it 100%. I’m not so sure I could find a product or company that I was that comfortable with.

I’m Shy

It doesn’t help that I happen to live in an area with very little family around and only a few friends. I don’t have a large network of people to turn to when it comes to selling my items. This may not be a problem right away, but what am I supposed to do when I have thrown a few parties and invited everyone I know? I’m really not comfortable branching out and trying to sell things to people I don’t know. I think it would be difficult for me to turn the home party business into a long-lasting source of income.

The research has shown me that at home party businesses work for some people, but just weren’t right for me. I have decided to explore the ATM machine business as a way to make money instead. There are many options when it comes to working from home, so I am being careful to ensure that I find the perfect fit.

3 Mistakes People Make When Starting An ATM Machine Business

While starting an ATM machine business can be a very easy way to make money, this business isn’t always successful. There are 3 very common mistakes people often make when starting this business that can negatively impact the profits they make.

Choosing A Poor Location

The location of your ATM machine is key in establishing this business. If you can find a good location with a lot of people who will need cash, your machine will be used often and you stand to make a good profit. Too many people try to rush this step and they place their machine in a spot that turns out to be very unprofitable. Take time to do the research and be prepared to negotiate with a property or business owner for the placement of your machine.

Picking A Cheap Machine

It may be tempting to want to purchase the cheapest ATM machine available simply to save several hundred dollars, but making the mistake of purchasing a cheap machine can be very costly. If the machine breaks down or requires maintenance, you are losing money on the lost profits plus the cost of fixing the machine. If you can’t afford a very expensive machine, you can look into buying a used ATM machine, but be very wary. Have a technician give a thorough inspection to any machine you want to buy, so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

Giving Up Too Soon

The one thing to know about the ATM machine business is that it takes a bit of time to get going. Too many people become frustrated because they spend thousands starting this business, but they don’t see profits right away. Remember that your profits come in the form of transaction fees which typically cost from $1 to $3 per transaction. This obviously means it will take you at least several months before you recoup any losses and start to see a profit. Remember to be patient and give the business some time before you decide to throw in the towel.

If you want to start your own ATM machine business, it is helpful to know the common mistakes other people encounter with their own businesses. There are other work at home ventures that will let you start seeing a profit sooner, like home party businesses, but if you take steps to set it up properly, the ATM machine business can be very successful.