Food Catering Services: Gourmet Dinner

Food catering has become very popular nowadays. In fact, it is the most convenient way to order healthy food. People running food catering businesses make it simpler for you and your friends. They take care of everything from choosing the food for you to cleaning up the tables and dishes. There is no limit to what kind of food can be served at your venue. Some clients may opt for the light afternoon snack with selection of fruit plates and salads or tasty fruit smoothie. Others may go for full three course gourmet dinner or BBQ style lunch. The choice is yours. There is only one task for you to do – paying the bill.

Just think of our ancestors and how they had to go out in the forest to hunt for the meal, taking their prey back to the village where they had to chop this prey into bite size pieces and cook over an open fire for hours. They were using only the simple tools and they didn’t have a luxury of cookbooks with hundreds of healthy recipes on how to prepare and season their dish. But these days are long gone. It is the food that comes right to us these days, rather than the other way around.

Weddings and birthday parties are the typical events that would call for the food catering company. Most of the food catering companies can accommodate any type of events that you can possibly think of. The catering process of any event will be the same, no matter what time of the day their services are required. From lunch to late dinner, food catering companies are able to meet all your needs.

Most food catering businesses follows the same procedures, with some minor differences only due to the competition. These will most likely start with the orders. This is part of the whole process where the client’s involvement is required most, as they will choose what food they wish to be served with at the event. Some caterers may offer you selection of their specialties such as gourmet Alfredo Sauce recipe to choose from at this phase. Planning including menus and tables will usually follow and can also include gadgets and devices necessary for the food preparation and the actual event.

Home Based Jobs for Moms

With a new family to look after it is important to consider all your options before returning to work, many moms choose to work from home, so they can be their own boss which gives them the freedom to plan their hours around the family, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility in terms of allocation of time and being able to determine their own priorities.  Below are some  home based business ideas that you may wish to consider when thinking about returning to the work:
Nursery: This is a popular service to offer when considering home based jobs for moms due to convenience, as you are already having to look after your own children.   As you will need to provide scheduled care for a number of children for a set period of time on your own premises, obviously the welfare of the minors is paramount and because of this there is a lot of red tape involved, that you will need to adhere to in order to get your business off the ground and registered.
Event Planning: Plan and manage personal events from your own home.  Children’s birthdays, special occasion such as anniversaries and graduation are all reasons someone may require a personal event planner.  You do need to be very organized and structured in your approach to work to ensure everything runs like clockwork on the day of the event.  This kind of business does take a lot of behind the scenes planning and networking of reliable and professional services, such as caterers, waitresses, bartenders and cleaners, to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.
Tutoring: If you are thinking about how to run a business from home and have a particular skill where you can provide training in a specialized subject to meet business or professional needs then this may be a viable option for you.  Obviously it will depend on the professional qualification you have as to whether or not you need a teaching degree or certificate, this doesn’t however mean you can’t offer your services based on other experiences and background providing you feel confident of being able to convey the subject to the student.
Outside catering: This is a great way to earn extra revenue especially if you have a flair for cooking and there is always demand for someone catering for private functions.
A catering business will involve doing everything from the ground up from preparing and cooking food to designing entire menus that offer a range of gourmet menus for special occasions. Running your own business in this environment means you do need to be someone who is quite flexible and be ready to adapt to working in new and unfamiliar environment and on occasion be prepared to take on some unusual requests.

There are many jobs that are suitable for moms but working from home offers a much greater degree of flexibility and free time that is so needed when you have a young family which is why its such an appealing option.

Downsides of Running a Catering Business

If you like to cook and are considering starting your own business, you may be interested in catering. While running a catering business can be very lucrative, there are some distinct disadvantages in trying to do this from home. The catering business can be very demanding, very time consuming, and extremely stressful.

Catering is Demanding

One thing most caterers agree on is that their business is very demanding. As a caterer you will need to focus and try to serve your client’s every whim and fancy. People who hire a caterer usually have preconceived ideas about how they want their event to play out, and the caterer is expected to try and fulfill the desires of their client. Catering is a competitive business, so if you aren’t willing to work with someone they will just go somewhere else. You should always be prepared to accommodate unusual or picky meal requests.

Catering is Time Consuming

If you are starting a home based catering business, you need to keep in mind that catering is often an all day affair. When catering an event you can expect to work a very long day. It also takes a lot of time beforehand to prepare the food and other details. This means that if you plan on working from home while also watching your children, this probably isn’t the business for you. You will need to pour your undivided attention into cooking and preparing in order to make sure that your presentation is at its best. While it is possible to do catering part time, the caterer should still be prepared to devote some serious hours in order for their business to succeed.

Catering is Stressful

A caterer needs to be organized and pay attention to every little detail. One bad review can ruin your reputation and your business, so this puts a lot of pressure on your performance. A successful caterer can’t get overwhelmed by the stress, but instead needs to turn it around and use it to perform well.

The catering business is a great idea for some who have the entrepreneurial spirit, but it is not for everyone. If you don’t think catering is right for you, consider a carpet cleaning business opportunity or a window washing service. Catering’s demanding business, long hours, and stressful atmosphere will deter some from entering this field, but if you thrive under these conditions you may find catering to be extremely profitable.