Good Stocks to Invest In: Buy Low And Sell High


If you are among the investors who have lost money in the stock market, you are among several who have also lost money recently.  Finding good stocks to invest in can be risky, if you are unsure about how to find the best companies to invest in. Currently the market is on a down trend in several areas, however, investing now in undervalued stocks may provide you with excellent profits in the future.

Smart Investing

Penny stocks and undervalued stocks are good stocks to invest in right now because the price is low enough for you to gain a profit.  Purchasing the highest dividend paying stocks may work when the market has an upward trend, but this does not always work when there is a financial crisis occurring within the stock market.

Repeating History

Because of the current market downturn, many stocks are undervalued that would have been good stocks to invest in 2010.  During the previous year what is now considered an undervalued stock may have been double in price.  When wondering what good stocks to invest in are, keep in mind that history always repeats itself, especially in the stock market, which makes these good stocks to invest in.

Buy Low & Sell High

Undervalued stocks will increase in value when the stock market begins to switch to an upward trend.  Purchasing low priced stocks now are good stocks to invest in because they will eventually go up in price later.  Penny stocks and/or undervalued stocks are a way to improve on your portfolio during times when the stock market is causing many investors to take a loss.  With using the age old adage of buying low and selling high, you will be able to take advantage of the current stock market situation.

Building a Retirement Fund

Building a portfolio is a gradual step.  Many inexperienced traders do not realize the importance of buying undervalued stock and putting their investments in more than one area as a way to actually make a profit.  Good stocks to invest in to many investors are those with significant amounts of profits.  This is simply an illusion that many new investors fall for due to lack of knowledge about how the stock market really works.  It is impossible to buy expensive stock one day and resell for retirement funds the next day.

Recycling Scrap Silver Electrical Contacts

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The precious metal silver has long been prized for its beauty and resistance to corrosion.  In the ancient world silver was commonly used as a medium of monetary exchange and archaeologists have unearthed coins as well as jewelry and artifacts that were made more than 5,000 years ago. In the twenty first century, while large quantities of silver are still used in the manufacture of jewelry and tableware, the metal is also extensively as a material in components of electrical and electronic devices, and chemical compounds containing silver are vital materials in photography, especially medical x-rays.

Silver is used in electrical and electronic components because it is an excellent conductor of electric current, and because it resists corrosion the metal is ideal for electrical contacts in industrial equipment. Because the volume of silver mined and refined each year is insufficient to meet the demands of industries that use silver, there is a healthy market for scrap silver to make up the shortfall.

Industrial silver is recovered from sources as diverse as old x-ray film, dental fillings and electrical contacts. While they have little intrinsic value, scrap silver electrical contacts in discarded electrical devices can produce a good income stream for anyone who is prepared to sell them for recycling.  Industrial electricians and people working in building demolition have access to unwanted machinery and power distribution equipment containing silver contacts that can be removed and collected for sale to scrap metal refiners.


The market price of scrap silver can be quite volatile: while demand is fairly constant, discoveries of new silver deposits and opening of new silver mines are likely to cause the price of scrap silver to drop suddenly. If you have access to a source of free scrap silver it is worth spending some time researching the market to find where to sell silver most profitably, and track market trends to identify the best time to sell it.