Tips for Making a Career Change

Starting a new career is never easy – in fact it’s usually anything but that. As exciting as it may be, it’s also scary and stressful, especially when you’re leaving one career to start a whole new path. Sometimes it may be because you’re finally taking the leap to pursue a passion and sometimes it may be because you are forced to find something new. No matter what is pushing you into a new career, though, there are a few tips to make the transition a little smoother.

  1. 1.      Make a solid plan

Deciding that you want to make a career change is easy in theory, but without having a solid plan full of calculated moves to get you there it can be all but impossible. Sit down and outline how you’re going to get to where you want and what you need to do in the meantime to make the transition. This will help alleviate some stress as well as keep you focused and driven towards success.


  1. 2.      Network as much as possible

As soon as you determine what career field you’re going to enter start networking. Attend different group meetings, luncheons, job fairs – whatever you can attend to start meeting people and making connections. This will help give you a good idea of the type of people you can expect to be working with on a daily basis and will help you to form friendships with like-minded people who can help you get your foot in the door. LinkedIn is a great source for connecting you to professionals in your field.


  1. 3.      Practice your interview skills

For people that have been out of the interview process for a while, jumping back in can be nerve-racking. Understand that not every interview is going to be a huge success, but that by practicing you can help to pad each one. Go over all of your skills that make you a strong asset to the position and talk it out with a friend or family member so they can critique you on where you may have weak answers to potential questions. Each trial run of an interview will make you more confident for the actual one.


  1. 4.      Beef up your resume

Spend some time doing some research on how you can become a bigger asset to the field you want to enter. Take some extra college courses – maybe even look into some online courses if you can’t make it to an actual class – or get some extra certifications. This will not only make you more prepared for the transition, but also show your dedication to succeed through bettering yourself.


  1. 5.      Don’t get discouraged

There will be discouraging moments in your career change, whether it’s the stress of telling employers you’re leaving or the lack of success at finding a new job. Keeping a positive outlook will help you stay focused, where getting discouraged and down on yourself will only hinder the process. Don’t let each setback define you.

Career changes will always be wrought with potholes waiting to trip you up along the way, however with a calculated approach you will be successful sooner or later. Staying focused and motivated will reap results in the end.

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The Benefits of Work at Home Jobs

The recession has forced so many people to lose their jobs, but no one needs to declare joblessness before trying to get work at home jobs, especially night jobs. The opportunities available now are immense, some people choose to go for work at home jobs out of choice while others choose so because they prefer working at their own time.

One of the greatest benefits of work at home jobs is that there is a wide selection of positions to choose from ranging from call center jobs to data entry and envelop stamping jobs. Night work at home jobs are particularly attractive to many people especially students and people who already have 9 to 5 jobs but need to make extra cash on the side to make ends meet.

If you choose to get a work at home job, you should be well disciplined because you will get to work at your own pace and with minimal supervision from the employer. However, just like any other job, there will be deadlines to beat and this will be your guide on what to do. Although work at home jobs pay well by the hour, you will only get paid for the work you do and with no overtime or special payments unless the employer chooses to award a bonus.
The best place to find good work at home jobs is online, through online job portals and advertisements.

You do not need to work for someone you know, you can even get hired by someone on the other side of the world. The most important thing to know when looking for work at home jobs is that there are illegitimate jobs and scams out there that you have to avoid. There are legitimate employers with real jobs who will pay you for a work at home job, if you can find them, you are assured of a stream of income.

The Possibility Of Online Jobs For Students

It is possible to find legitimate online jobs for students, although many are scams and you should exercise caution when applying or signing up for anything. Never pay up front for anything, until you are entirely certain that the company and the job are all they claim to be.

If you are looking for legit online jobs at home in order to make some extra cash, concentrate on what you are already good at. For example, if you are a capable writer, there are plenty of sites that pay a few dollars for articles of several hundred words. You are not going to become a millionaire from any of these sites, but if you work hard and deliver good work, it is possible to make a little extra. Some of the better writing sites include Textbroker, The Content Authority and Suite 101.

It is difficult to earn a lot of money with online jobs from home, regardless of your skill or area of expertise. If you work for a company that requires payment up front, you will be unusual if you make enough money to earn back your startup payment. If you are prepared to work hard and become proficient at a particular technique or program, you may be able to make decent money with such companies as Online Writing Jobs, FAP Turbo and Maverick Money Makers.

Attention to detail and working hard are the two keys to making any money with any of these online ventures. Even if you are just working part time on line jobs, you will have to be focused and work hard and remain optinistic and positive at all times. If you have the discipline and can perservere, it is possible to succeed and make some money and enjoy the advantages of working for yourself on your own schedule.

Smartest Career Choices for New Technology College Students

Contrary to popular belief, general IT work is becoming more and more difficult to come by. Unusually talented IT specialists will always find jobs, but the typical employer already has a full IT department and is not looking for fresh faces. Students who are considering working in computer related fields should skip the standard networking degrees and focus on degrees that are more cutting edge. Technological advances are moving so quickly right now that by the time you finish a two year degree the computer world will have moved forward substantially. Try to find a course of study that projects itself into future computer needs rather than one that prepares you for jobs that are already well established.

Wages Indicate IT Market Overloaded

One of the best ways to keep track of the availability of jobs in a certain sector is to watch the pattern of wages being offered. If the wages are rising, the need for workers in that field is increasing. If the wages are stagnant or dropping, the market has more workers than it can bear in that particular area. Between 2000 and 2005, IT wages held relatively steady. In some regions, the wages began to drop perceptibly. This downward trend indicates that finding work in an average IT job would be difficult for a recent graduate with little experience.

IT Work Highly Mobile

Another recent problem with IT work is that employers have begun looking for ways to cut their computer networking costs. Many companies have outsourced a great deal of their IT work to foreign countries where there are plenty of IT professionals who will work for a fraction of the wages expected in the United States. The shrinking number of IT jobs has tightened the availability of IT work. College recruitment programs from three to five years ago were pushing IT programs strongly, so the number of graduates is growing while the number of jobs is decreasing.

Students Should Consider Emerging Tech Fields

Advancements in technology have begun to shift the way American companies use computers. Students who are interested in IT related fields could find more work available in jobs that are not as well defined. Cloud computing, cell phone and tablet application writing, virtualization, and e-commerce are all high tech fields that are growing exponentially. IT specialists who are well versed in internet marketing and social media are also hot prospects on the job market right now. With some creative thinking and careful attention to growing technology trends, a student could graduate from one of these programs in time to be on the forefront of the field.

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Get Your First Job as a Receptionist

There are some jobs that are very versatile. They include duties and skills that are easily transferable to other jobs. Receptionists are generally the first individuals that you meet as you enter a company’s building. These are individuals who represent the company by welcoming guests and clients.

According to a Jobfox scam data website, there are a number of responsibilities that the average receptionist performs. Some of these are related primarily to client relations. Others are more clerical in nature. If you have a strong background in this area, you may quickly find work as receptionists.

The job search is filled with competition right now. Secretaries, who have lost their positions, are now looking for related work. Working as a receptionist could provide them with this type of work. There are temporary, part-time, and full-time positions available. Another reason that this work is versatile is the need for these workers.

You may find receptionists in many different businesses and companies. It doesn’t matter, whether it is the medical industry or fashion. Receptionists are employed at locations throughout these fields. This provides you with the opportunity to find work in a variety of areas. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where receptionist work is found.

Doctor’s offices

The average doctor’s office requires the assistance of a receptionist. This is especially true of those practices with more than one doctor. These receptionists work to maintain scheduled appointments. In some cases, they even schedule appointments for doctors.


Banks today are quite busy. They have several different services that they offer customers. Keeping these services organized and functioning properly is important. A receptionist can help to direct customers to the services that they require.


Small and large accounting firms hire receptionists. These are individuals that help develop schedules. They also assist their bosses as it relates to filing and general duties. These are important clerical responsibilities.

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