A List of Online Marketing Tools You Need Before You Quit Your Job

There are a lot of articles about automated article spinners, website analyzers, keyword research, and automated website builders.  As you learn internet marketing, you dream of buying all these tools and quitting the daily grind and getting rich.  I know for a fact that buying these tools is not enough on their own to really make it big (or at all) in the online marketing world.  Here is a list of online marketing tools you’ll actually need for you to make it big in the online world in conjunction with these commonly discussed tools.

  1. A Goal – Without a goal you will drift randomly from “how to” site to “get rich quick” site without producing any work.  The goal can’t be a vague statement either like “be super rich” it has to be discrete like “earn $100 a day.”  Then break this goal into actions you can control like “I earn $0.50 per month on average for every article I write, I want to earn $100 per day in about 1 year, that’s 6000 articles and I write 250 days this year so I will write (or have written) 24 articles per working day.”
  2. A Plan – Once you have a goal then you need to create a plan to actually make it happen.  If your goal is 24 articles per day you need to determine how you will find 24 articles per day that focus on the right keywords, produce that many articles, maintain the websites, optimize your ads, etc.

  3. Outsource Plan – It is nearly impossible to do all of these tasks yourself, so you should offload this work to other people whenever possible.  Learn how to work with other people, determine good outsource sources (other countries, websites, friends, family, whatever works for you), and automate as much of the work as possible.

  4. Smart Phone – I was against the smart phone craze as long as I could be, but it’s nearly impossible to ever step away from the computer if you don’t have the ability to manage your business from wherever you actually want to be.

  5. Continuous Education – You’re going to want to find a community of people who are successful so that you can keep up to date with the changes in the industry so your hard work doesn’t vanish with a legal change or change in the way your revenue stream determines value.

While every list of online marketing tools is different, hopefully this list will help you know why you need to buy all the other tools.

Dont Despair, Make Money From Home

Earning a living now has become more difficult than ever it seems. With the crisis of banks, insurance companies, real estate trouble and many other businesses going bankrupt, its more difficult to make money. More and more people are turning to the internet to make money from home in order to provide.

One of my favorite ways to make money at home is to use Ebay. Ebay allows you sell goods to a worldwide audience. You can make an account for free and start selling things you no longer use, something you have made, or you could be ingenious and sell stuff for others and keep a percentage.

To make money from home you need to be dedicated and focused. Anyone thats self emplyed will tell you that if your not that its not going to pay off. Set some guidelines for yourself and stick with them; are you going to make calls to new people for an hour a day, noon to 5pm is for appointments and follow ups, how many articles are you going to write, what research needs to be done, etc.

Going along with ebay you could use craigslist. If you havent used it then Ill let you know its a place where you can list stuff to a local market, sort of like online classifieds for your newspaper. You can list in any area you wish though so if its something that can be mailed that may be a better idea.

The other way to use craigslist would be to buy stuff from it and then sell them on ebay. For instance you could do some research on ebay and check the going price is for a specific item and then start looking on craigslist for it to relist.

You can make money from home if you really put your mind to it and its something you enjoy doing. If you spend your days doing work that leaves you frustrated, upset and in worse health than you would like then its probably past time that you look into something else, and making money at home could just be the ticket.

Make Money from Home by Writing Articles

They say that there’s no money in writing and that authors and/or writers are penniless people. Actually, a click of your mouse and a little online browsing would prove them wrong. Writing is definitely a hobby and a skill that can help you or anyone that’s inclined to this, earn while enjoying. How is this so? How can you actually use that talent of yours to make money? Better yet, how can you make money from home by just, well, writing?

First, you need to ask yourself what type of writing you’re inclined to. Are you more of a creative writer or a technical one? This is very important because overlooking this might just give you loads of paper work that is not of your expertise. Also, this can affect the quality and number of your outputs. Moreover, you don’t want to give a wrong impression to employer, right?

Second, know where to find jobs online that require article writing. There are numerous online freelance websites that offer writing jobs at different rates. Popular sites that you could visit are oDesk, Easyoutsource, Freelancer, and Peopleforhire.

Odesk is more established since they have their own work interface in which employers can keep track of what their employees are doing, plus they are affiliated with Payoneer in which they use to pay their employees. Easyoutsource is exclusively for Filipino freelancers looking for jobs, majority of which are writing jobs. Freelancer is much like oDesk, however they don’t have their own work interface. Peopleforhire is a UK based company and they pay their employees in British Pounds.

These are just some of the few examples of the sites you could visit. It’s always helpful to ask friends with article writing experiences on where to find jobs online.

Last and probably the most important, enjoy what you’re doing. Yes, it is easy to earn money this way, but if you forget to have fun, even the simplest of jobs can become stress machines. Just relax, and work at it at your own pace without compromising your employers’ interest. Apply to jobs that you know you can handle and you believe you’re knowledgeable in. So if you’re planning to make money from home, write articles! This way, you are utilizing the talent that you already have, you are having fun doing what you do best, and most importantly, you make money from the convenience of your own home!

It Takes Effort To Make Money Online

One of the reasons people have trouble making money online is that there are too many ways. If it were more simple and the path to success clearer, more people might be able to take advantage of the opportunities. As it is, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money on the Internet and this plethora of choices is what can hold people back.

For many, it starts out with them signing up and trying something like paid online surveys. After realizing that this is pretty much a dead end, or at least a lot of work for very little, many people stop right there. They never explore other possibilities and give up on online money making all together.

What they are missing out on is perhaps one of the best opportunities of our lifetime. The Internet is still relatively new and there is room for anyone who wants to learn how to start a business or make a part time income. Now, no one is saying it will be easy but the opportunities are there nonetheless for those who are willing to seek them out.

Too many people are lazy and only want to find ways to make money that are easy. This doesn’t make sense because people are willing to go to college for four years and then work very hard every day at a job just to make a living. Yet, when it comes to the Internet, it seems everyone wants to find something that is easy, quick, and takes very little effort. If more people were willing to spend the time and effort they put into their “real” jobs into Internet marketing, they just might find the rewards are there as well.

Anyone who is creative and understands that there is a lot to learn, has a chance to become successful online. There is no doubt that it is better suited for some people than others as not everyone has the same set of skills. However, determination might be the biggest factor on whether a person can ultimately make a success of themselves and create an online income.