Work At Home Lifestyle When Children Are Involved

As I have discovered, working at home cannot be one of the easiest feats when there are children at the worksite, in other words the home. This is a common struggle with more work at home parents as school lets out. Overall there are two different lifestyles that must be adapted to with children. These two lifestyles all revolve around summer break and when the school session is occurring. Lets look at the Work At Home Lifestyle. Get Paid to Take Surveys

Lifestyle When Kids Are At School

Most work at home parents love when school is in session, and I am one of them. During this time, there are more hours to get things done during the day that are work related. With the blessing that school brings, there is an actual time where there is peace and quiet in the home giving ample time to work. The day will normally start out by getting the kids ready for school. After that there are six to eight hours at least of time to be used productively. Once the kids get home, it is all about them till they go to bed. Once they are in bed though, the time has become open for productivity.

Work At Home Lifestyle
Work At Home Lifestyle

Lifestyle During The Dreaded Summer

When saying that a parent dreads the summer, there can be quite a few meanings. For the parent who works at home though, this means that the whole schedule has to change. Instead of getting time to work during the day for eight hours at a time, the only time they work during the day is when the kids are busy. Depending on the job, the only solution is to work at night. This is especially true with smaller children when looking for a 2nd job. The only time work can get done is when they are asleep. A normal day during the summer may include working early in the morning. After that though, almost all the time is consumed with trying to keep the children busy. Movies and games can work, but children will get bored eventually. Once they are in bed, there is again another opportunity to work. One of the main reasons, we as parents choose to work at home is because we want to spend more time with our kids. And realistically it is possible because our schedules can change easily. That doesn’t mean that there are hassles with having to change a lifestyle after getting used to one. This is going to be the case sometimes, especially when school lets out.

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Reasons I Love My Home Party Business Get Paid to Take Surveys

I recently started a home party business and absolutely love it! I find it is perfect for me because it is flexible, allows me to stay at home with my kids, and have fun while making money!

Very Flexible

I love that my home party business is flexible. Since I am the boss, I can choose how many or how few hours I want to work. This is really great for me because some months I have a lot of extra time to devote to working, while others I am completely slammed with family life and other commitments. It is also flexible in that I could choose the company I wanted to promote. There are countless home party business companies with a wide variety of products. This was good for me because if I am promoting something to my family and friends, I have to love it.

Work From Home

It was necessary for me to look into home party businesses because my family can’t afford to live on one income, but putting the kids in daycare would be so expensive it just wouldn’t be worth it. My home party business is the perfect solution to this problem. It is easy enough that I can watch the children while doing work. My kids even like setting up for the parties, and I think they enjoy the company and entertainment as much as I do!

Have Fun

There aren’t many jobs where you get to make money while throwing parties! The home party business does just that. I get to throw a party while offering my guests a chance to buy the wonderful products I am promoting. I love that I get to hang out with my family and friends while “working.” I also like the unlimited earning potential with this business. The company I am working with also offers a lot of incentives and promotions. Not that I need an incentive to throw a party!

My home party business was exactly the kind of job I needed as a stay at home mom. I did a lot of research on other work at home jobs and learned how to start a carpet cleaning business and a childcare business, but none of those appealed to me like the home party business. It allows me to care for my children, choose my hours, and have fun while making money. These are the kind of perks that few other jobs can offer!

Why a Home Party Business Isn’t For Me Get Paid to Take Surveys

Because I want to stay home with my kids, I have been looking for ways to make money from home. A friend of mine suggested I go into home party businesses, where I would sign up to promote and sell a company’s products at home-parties. After researching the pros and cons of a home party business, I have decided that it definitely isn’t for me.

I’m Not a Salesperson

Some people are just born salesmen. I am not one of them. I am really not very good at the art of persuasion, and I definitely think that would be a hindrance to the home party business. The whole premise of a home party business is selling products. Since income is based on commission, I don’t think it would be very profitable for me.

I’m Not Pushy

Not everyone who runs a home party business is pushy, but in order to build a good business you do need to be a bit forward. For example, throwing a party isn’t always as nice as advocates make it sound. Your friends know that you are throwing the party specifically so that you can sell something, and they often feel obligated to come when they would rather stay at home. Plus, if I recommend something to people I know, I want to be sure I can stand behind it 100%. I’m not so sure I could find a product or company that I was that comfortable with.

I’m Shy

It doesn’t help that I happen to live in an area with very little family around and only a few friends. I don’t have a large network of people to turn to when it comes to selling my items. This may not be a problem right away, but what am I supposed to do when I have thrown a few parties and invited everyone I know? I’m really not comfortable branching out and trying to sell things to people I don’t know. I think it would be difficult for me to turn the home party business into a long-lasting source of income.

The research has shown me that at home party businesses work for some people, but just weren’t right for me. I have decided to explore the ATM machine business as a way to make money instead. There are many options when it comes to working from home, so I am being careful to ensure that I find the perfect fit.

Why Home Party Businesses Are Great For Stay At Home Moms

Cash Crate

If you are a mom looking for a way to make money from home, you should consider a home party business. Home party businesses have become a very popular way for women to make money, and they are a great option for those who need additional income but are also juggling the responsibilities of caring for children.

Flexible Schedule

Home party businesses are really great for moms because they offer a very flexible schedule. As a mom, you are often busy with your children and may not have a lot of time for working. A home party business gives you the freedom to work when you have the time. You won’t have to worry about the business interfering with your family obligations, and there will be no need for you to try to juggle the kids and the job at the same time. You can still plan family vacations and other activities at normal times, and work whenever it is convenient for you.

Low Maintenance

Another great advantage to a home party business is that it is low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about being on the phone or on the computer the whole time that you are working. The majority of your job will be preparing for parties and placing client orders. This work isn’t stressful, and other than selling you won’t need any special skills in order to succeed. Your children may even enjoy helping you set up for a client party.

Fun Work

One disadvantage of being a stay at home mom is that many moms don’t get to see their friends or other adults as often as they would like. There are some days when stay at home moms want nothing more than to interact and have a conversation with another adult, rather than small children. The home party business is nice because it gives these moms an excuse to get together and socialize with family and friends. The work is fun, since it really revolves around selling products at a party, and it gives many moms a needed break from the stresses and monotony of daily life.

The benefits of the home party business makes it a great option for stay at home moms. It is much easier than other work at home jobs like an ATM machine business, and the socialization, flexibility and profit potential are some of the biggest reasons why home party businesses are great for moms.

Partying Planning: Balancing Work and Family

Most often party planning companies are ran and worked by women. Many of these women really enjoy what they do. A lot of women that work in the party plan business are motivated by personal and emotional reasons. Some do it just because they enjoy it, but some do it mainly to meet their personal and emotional needs and desires.

Many women are wives and mothers. They have a home life and a family that they need to be devoted to. While some women can afford to be stay at home mothers and housewives, others cannot. Many women that have to work but still want to be home with their kids as much as possible devote their working time to party plan companies. One major motivational benefit is that it is a flexible job. Mothers can do it when they want and devote to it how much they want to so that they can devote the rest of their time to their kids.

Just because the job is flexible and allows a lot of time with family does not mean that it can be neglected. It still takes work and it takes a lot of effort to be successful. Mothers and wives need to balance out their schedules and devote some time to work so that they can be successful. It is important to make the time at work and away from family worthwhile. If the whole reason for having the job is to sustain the family then it is important to put in enough work to make enough to be able to support them and make your time away from them worth it.

Many women like to party plan and love being involved in the party planning business. It is something a lot of women are good at and enjoy. They can sell a product they are enthusiastic about and enjoy social selling and throwing parties. They can enjoy socializing with other women when they throw parties, but if they balance it out right they can still spend time enjoying the company of friends and customers but enjoy most of their time with their family.

Many women do decide to party plan because of how flexible it is. However, there are many benefits that workers don’t always expect or realize right away. For one, it improves skills that can be used all around. Also, there are many work benefits that can be earned and enjoyed.