How To Sell Dog Treats Online And Achieve Success

How To Sell Dog Treats Online And Achieve Success

Dog owners love to pamper their pets in different ways. They especially love to indulge them with special treats that have become quite popular these days. Growing demand for dog treats has made this business extremely lucrative for new entrepreneurs. As more dog owners use the internet to buy goodies for their furry friends, entrepreneurs are finding a wonderful opportunity to do business.

How to Get Started

Entrepreneurs who want to sell dog treats online should have a good understanding of the pets. They must know what is best for the dogs and things they are allergic to like corn and wheat. Further to achieve success, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the pet owners’ preferences. For example, organic treats are more popular these days and marketing them is a more profitable option.

How to Market the Business

Networking is very important to sell dog treats online. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the platforms that connect people with shared interests. Business owners can find their target audience at these sites, connect with the members and market their products easily.

The next step is to build a great website that should contain all the information dog owners look for when they buy treats for their pets. The website should be clean, easy to navigate and informative to help buyers place their orders.

With a good understanding of what dog owners are looking for and products that meet their expectations, setting up a profitable online business is simple.

Protecting Your Company’s Name

It seems that there are no limits when a person decides to tarnish the name of a person or a company.  The person will go on a full scale attack that includes posting up bad blog posts, recording negative reviews and putting bad comments anywhere and everywhere.  Some unscrupulous people will actually go so far as to claim the name of a person or company and do untold damage.

Taking the Name of Another

Taking the name of another company or person is as simple as purchasing a website domain name.  After signing up the website under the name of the person or company, it is a simple matter to start publishing any negative content that they want.

Simple Example

Let’s propose that you are the owner of ABC Accounting Services.  During the years of conducting business you came across a client that just didn’t like you.  This person was not happy with anything you did and the relationship ended on a bad note.  In order to extract a little revenge this former client registers a new website with the name  (This is only a hypothetical example, any resemblance to a real company is coincidental).  The former client then starts to make false claims about your company and services.  People looking for ABC Accounting Services are likely to find this website and see all the untrue claims.

Good Counter Strategy

One way to control your online reputation management is to register websites that are various forms of your company name.  For instance, you could register,, and so forth.  Once you have registered the name then this prevents another person from getting that same website name.  Of course, this is not the only way to handle your reputation management but it is one easy step that can be completed by the majority of companies.

How Has Customer Expectation Driven Your Online Strategy?


How does customer expectation affect the way in which you run your business? It doesn’t matter what sphere of industry you’re in the customer expects to be able to find you on line. Invariably they will. Word of Mouth and face to face are still key to the buying experience but in the age of Web 2.0 and hyper-reality Word of Mouth is equally an online experience as it is when it is through an IRL meeting either with a vendor or customer who already has the product or has used the service in question themselves.

Given that a large proportion of an individual’s time is taken up on social media with the average visit to Facebook lasting about 22 minutes, approximately half of the population of the US have a Facebook profile and a large proportion of them have a Titter accounts it’s not in any way surprising that social media is seen as being as such a huge influence in almost every industry’s marketing strategies. If your business isn’t on Facebook then where are you? how can you really be engaged with your client base if you’re not engaging them on social media across every platform and updating your status three or four times per day?

Of course it’s not really as drastic as that but consumer expectation does dictate that if you’re hard to find you’re not worth looking for. This means that if you’re a SME you’ll have to make time to deal with your social media presence without it impacting with your core activities, if you run a larger firm you may have to hire some-one in even though you may have never really wanted to develop a media profile beyond having a website where people could order on-line. Too bad, necessary evil in the 21 st century I’m afraid.

In a survey published in the 2010 American Customer Service Index customer satisfaction is falling across many social platforms and service providers such as Google and twitter. Unfortunately where customer satisfaction is concerned you have to move ever forward simply to remain standing still. It’s vital that the service you provide is fresh, updated and new, even if your product is perfect the way it is user satisfaction will begin to fall if it’s not seen to be developing. The perception being “Oh, it still just does that? What else is new?”

Once you’re involved in social media, either using it as part of your brand experience or just because every-one else is (I know your heart’s not in it, but come on, this is supposed to be fun!) you too have to keep on keeping on. A good social media strategy can keep your customers loyal and a loyal customer is a good customer, both good for your accounts and good for that hoary old Word of Mouth which is still so important.

The interactions that your customers/friends have throughout the internet can all be potential tips toward your company. With the number of people who read, or at least see every post and comment it’s a valuable resource to have, and one that’s free up until the point you have to employ some-one to devote their working day to enhancing your social media profile.

It transpires that more than 60% of people who read about some-one else having a bad experience with a company stopped using them or decided that they wouldn’t go to them if and when a need for their service arose.

And the numbers can only increase as the internet and Web 2.0 becomes ubiquitous, making it even more important that you handle your presence with care and professionalism. Once you’re immersed in social media you’ll see that it’s not only a way to promote yourself but deal with customer enquiries, handle complaints and manage your image. You can augment your entire PR activity by tying in your whole media with your other press and communications by installing a coherent message across traditional press, broadcast and new media outlets.

Dan Cash is a feature writer who’s mad it through the week and is now off to play some full tilt rakeback poker. If you’re up for a bit of armchair gaming maybe he’ll see you at the party poker tables.

Productivity Improvements For Individuals

For individuals to make productivity improvements requires better use of their skills, improving their knowledge, working on your motivations and using a good contextual environment. In this article I’ll guide you through each these four elements.

How your time is used actually has a huge bearing on productivity. You will be more productive if you are able to collaborate with the right individuals, access to the right tools and using the right processes (e.g. project management) to do your work effectively. A good example of this in the software industry is where Google search marketing mantra to organize all of the world’s information has filter down into all the processes, tools and communication channels used within Google for producing products that pursue this objective.

Your own know-how and knowledge also plays a big part in how productive you will be (i.e. the quality and quantity of your outputs). This does require taking time out to train up in new technologies and also improve your own soft skills. This can include communication skills, presentation skills, time management, etc. Being mentored by others is also an effective way of boosting your own know-how and productivity.

It is a simple fact that real productivity improvements are seen in individuals who are more motivated in their work. Motivation can be directly correlated with their financial rewards books you should also consider what order motivational factors each person has. This can include recognition from others, time off, flexible work hours, etc.

Finally, the work environment plays a big part in productivity. In fact, productivity improvements can be achieved simply by making an office or workspace more brightly lit as this encourages individuals to focus on the work. Whereas, dark offices or unsafe environments provide plenty of distractions which can start to decrease the morale of an individual. Once morale drops then motivation for working and being productive will also taper off.

3 Ways to Improve Computer Productivity

More and more people are learning to develop businesses where they can work at home on their own time. And why not? It’s convenient and allows a real sense of ownership that many entrepreneurs crave. Here are three things to focus on to keep your productivity level high.

-Internet Connection Speed
You really owe it to yourself to get the fastest connection possible. Why? Because the internet is almost certain to be your number one tool on the computer that you depend on. What kind of online business will be manageable if you lose your connection, or if you spend minutes a day waiting for pages to load. These faster services are usually more reliable as well, giving you less down time and faster customer service.

-Get a Work Computer
The hardest part about a home business is knowing when you’re on business time and when you’re on casual time. Letting these two blend together is a surefire way to stay distracted and less than productive when you actually do try to get things done. It is highly recommended, almost essential, that you get a separate office space and put a work computer in it. You may want to consider blocking your favorite websites on it – Facebook, Twitter, or anything else that provides you with constant distraction or entertainment when you’re not working. Stay focused on this machine.

-Keep the Computer Tuned Up
A racer will always be considering how to make his car work at its best. A barber wants his razors to be sharp and clean. You need your computer running as smoothly as possible. You don’t necessarily need to build it yourself and have it be a perfect machine, but for me at least, I asked myself what is the fastest computer processing speed in the world and then got as close to that as possible. Choose what you need the computer to do, and get one that is optimized for that work.

These are just a few steps that you need to take to move towards a successful home based business. Good luck!