How to Make Money Selling Books Online

Many business ideas, even small money making ideas, need money to get you started. You need to buy supplies and inventory, rent a location, and possibly hire a staff. Even small business ideas still require supplies. If you want to make money without spending anything, or at least very little to start, you should learn how to make money selling books online.

If you already have books of your own, you can sell them for cash. It’s a great way to get rid of clutter in your home and make money doing it. Using the internet is a great way to ensure you get the most money possible for your books. Go to Telling Tips to find other ways to make money and manage your money before you get started.

Where to Get Books to Sell

First, start with your own bookshelf. Grab anything that you’ve already read and know you won’t read again as well as anything you haven’t read that you probably won’t read. Next, get books from other people. Tell friends and family you’ll sell their books for a commission. This is especially good if you know college students who have textbooks to sell because they are worth more.

Where to Sell Books

My favorite place to sell books online is, but you can also use With these sites, you can list your book and when it’s sold, you’ll be guaranteed the price you listed it for minus a commission. Plus, you’ll get some money for shipping and handling.

How to Sell Books

Find the book you’re selling on or, either using the title, author, or ISBN. Locate the button toward the top right that says “sell yours here”, or something to that effect. Click that and follow the steps provided. They walk you through everything from listing the condition with comments to setting the price and type of shipping available. You will also need to set up an account if you haven’t already.

How to Maximize your Revenue Selling Books Online

Use the comment or description section to your advantage. Write the condition (new/poor, highlighting/writing or not, etc.), the edition, and whether or not it contains the included cd (if applicable). People want to know they are getting exactly what they ask for. Trust me, some sellers send the wrong edition or a book with missing materials. It has happened to me.

Work hard at building a good rating on your account. This is the number of people that have rated you. The more 5 stars, the better. When you include the packing slip, write on it in bold letters, “Please leave feedback, thank you!” to encourage buyers to leave feedback. Send them an email asking the same thing. A higher rating with a larger number of ratings will encourage buyers to choose you over others, sometimes even if your book costs more.

Downsides of Running a Catering Business

If you like to cook and are considering starting your own business, you may be interested in catering. While running a catering business can be very lucrative, there are some distinct disadvantages in trying to do this from home. The catering business can be very demanding, very time consuming, and extremely stressful.

Catering is Demanding

One thing most caterers agree on is that their business is very demanding. As a caterer you will need to focus and try to serve your client’s every whim and fancy. People who hire a caterer usually have preconceived ideas about how they want their event to play out, and the caterer is expected to try and fulfill the desires of their client. Catering is a competitive business, so if you aren’t willing to work with someone they will just go somewhere else. You should always be prepared to accommodate unusual or picky meal requests.

Catering is Time Consuming

If you are starting a home based catering business, you need to keep in mind that catering is often an all day affair. When catering an event you can expect to work a very long day. It also takes a lot of time beforehand to prepare the food and other details. This means that if you plan on working from home while also watching your children, this probably isn’t the business for you. You will need to pour your undivided attention into cooking and preparing in order to make sure that your presentation is at its best. While it is possible to do catering part time, the caterer should still be prepared to devote some serious hours in order for their business to succeed.

Catering is Stressful

A caterer needs to be organized and pay attention to every little detail. One bad review can ruin your reputation and your business, so this puts a lot of pressure on your performance. A successful caterer can’t get overwhelmed by the stress, but instead needs to turn it around and use it to perform well.

The catering business is a great idea for some who have the entrepreneurial spirit, but it is not for everyone. If you don’t think catering is right for you, consider a carpet cleaning business opportunity or a window washing service. Catering’s demanding business, long hours, and stressful atmosphere will deter some from entering this field, but if you thrive under these conditions you may find catering to be extremely profitable.