Choosing An Internet Marketing Company!


For a website to be a success, it needs good internet marketing. You can have a good and professional website. All the tools are there; however, it is not any good if the people can’t find it and when they can’t use your products and services when they need it. Now, this is where the internet marketer is needed.

You want your website to just appear right out for the used when they need your product or your service.

Internet marketing doesn’t need much experience. It is very similar to website design; you need to do a good job. You need a good knowledge about the field and company and you need to have an eye for details.  Hence, a internet market must always update him or herself regularly about the company and industry.

It is vital that you find yourself a competent and good marketer, or you can just learn some of the best online marketing techniques. If you’re serious about that, one good e-course to consider is Chris Mentor Me. Brought to you by Chris Farrel, an internet marketing expert, this program can really help you to make good money!

You are paying this internet marketer, so you want to make sure that the cost is worth it.  It is important to note that not all websites require a marketer. If you have a business and the website is used to generate profit, then you do need a marketer to work for you. Hence, when you spend on online marketing this cost needs to be justified in the revenue you make and the traffic that your website gets. Or else you would be making losses and you are better off with no internet marketing.

When customers consider the website, they must know there is guarantee when it comes to SEO. It is all based on search engines, hence, no guarantees it all. After all, SEO is up to the mercy of search engines; such as, Google and Yahoo. Many companies have tried to give customers guarantees; however, they failed.

Once again, if you want to make the very first steps in online marketing, you need to look for Chris Mentor Me Bonus. Here you get more than mentoring; you can also learn extra tips and tricks to make money online!

Google +1: What Now For Facebook ‘Likes’?

No doubt whenever Google introduces a new concept there is bound to be talk and opinion, especially when this is touted as a concept to rival Facebook’s ‘likes’. The introduction of Google’s +1 button certainly has initiated much dialogue in the blog-sphere. Whether it is viewed favorably or otherwise may well depend on from what angle you critique it.

So what exactly is Google’s +1 button? Put simply, it is your way of public ally saying, ‘take a look at this, you’ll like it’. It allows contacts and others on the web a means to find previously recommended things when they search. This can be particularly useful when searching for something you’ve never seen, tried, experienced or heard of before. Just as when you’re interested in maybe trying out a restaurant you’ve never been to, you often really on a previous recommendation from a friend, family member or review.

Facebook may be viewed as the initiator of this concept with its ‘likes’ function. As the term suggests it works by clicking ‘like’ under something posted by you or a friend on Facebook, indicating positive feedback. That you or someone else liked a post is then displayed under that post. ‘Like’ also allows you to make a connection, be it on Facebook content, within an advertisement, or on a page. This then becomes displayed on your profile or your Wall.

So what then has been the fallout or consensus in the blog-sphere? Has Google provided a successful rival, with its +1 button, to Facebook’s ‘likes’, or was this even the intention? Again, it depends on who you ask. It seems most talk is centered around Google’s efforts in providing a social media element and what affect this button will have on search rankings. The supporters of the +1 button definitely see it as a contender and even go so far as to say it pips Facebook’s ‘likes’ at the post because it takes the concept a step further. According to Pratyushkp of Blogoholic, search result recommendations are served to the user in a more elegant and relevant fashion than Facebook’s ‘likes’. Again, although not a new concept others, such as Derez of Hubze Blog, see the +1 button as setting a new level in search engine optimization.

So what of the naysayers? Probably one of the strongest of this bunch is Louis Camassa of Practical E commerce, who believes that the +1 button will see the big companies monopolize the top rankings in the search engine result pages, simply through their popularity and exposure. Smaller businesses may therefore become insignificant even when they can offer much in terms of service, products and prices.

What then can we make of all this? No doubt there are plenty of arguments for and against the +1 button. What is clear is that there is considerable debate out there in the blog-sphere. Perhaps it is still too early to say whether it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down for the +1 button. All this aside, I believe the shear power of the God which is Google will see the +1 as a permanent fixture.

Even so, Facebook’s dominance is sure to continue in the social networking community. +1 only represents a fraction of the functionality and connectivity offered by the full catalog of Facebook features such as its enormous reach into our private lives via dating apps,  online games and the ability to upload videos, photo’s and comments.

About the author: Matt Fuller provides a variety of social media information and social networking articles including online dating sites reviews, dating tips including dating sites Australia recommendations.

Does Swagbucks Work Well For Rewards? Virtual Money


Swagbucks is a website that seems to have taken everyone by storm. You can’t even log into your Facebook account anymore without seeing a ton of posts from your friends stating how much they won on Swagbucks. Naturally, all these Facebook posts pique your curiosity, so you go check to see what Swagbucks is all about. And what is it? Well, it’s a search and win site at it’s core. You basically use it like any other popular search engine, only you might win a virtual currency/virtual money called Swagbucks in addition to finding information on what you were searching.

The big question is, does Swagbucks work? Is it worth your while to bother with the site at all? After all, who wants to spend time on something when there’s only a chance you might win the prize and not a guarantee? Fortunately, Swagbucks is worth your while and actually does work rather well. If you use the site as your primary search engine, you’re practically guaranteed to win the bucks a few times per day, minimum. Also, there are other ways to earn the bucks apart from just searching. You can also get them for answering surveys, filling out free offers, and referring your friends to Swagbucks (the Facebook posts do come in handy for that).

So, why should you want the bucks? What can you even spend them on? There’s no doubt that the most popular prize people use their bucks for is the $5 Amazon gift card. You only need 450 Swagbucks to land yourself one of those. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take that long to work your way up to 450 Swag Bucks when you can usually win between seven to fifteen bucks every time you search the web, not to mention all the other things you can do on the site to earn them. Signing up is 100 percent free — no charge to you whatsoever — and you can participate as much or as little as you want. Obviously, the more you participate, the more you will earn, but you’re guaranteed to earn at least a little even with minimal participation.

What to Look for in SEO Content

In today’s world where online promotion is a must, SEO content plays a very important role. SEO content is very valuable to get sales and thus have a successful website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is basically marketing. This helps your website pop up among the hundreds and thousands of other websites cropping up every day.

SEO writing has been a flourishing freelance profession since the start of online promotions. Take for example SEO Oklahoma City. It is now offering SEO content writing as one of its services for local and national businesses.

Before employing SEO for your business, here are some things to be wary of when dealing with SEO content.

Writing for SEO

As an employer, you have to first know what SEO content is like for you to recognize a good or bad write-up. It should be concise, brief, and repetitive.

For example, if you have the keyword “web design in Oklahoma City,” then the article should contain or mention that keyword as often as it can, probably in every paragraph to be sure that it would be retained in the reader’s memory and easily recalled.


There is a fine line between repetitive and nonsensical. Remember that while keywords are repeated for recall, the article must still make sense. Some search engines have even begun sifting through articles that are nonsensical and that are the same words repeated over and over just for page rank.


Usually, SEO starts with keywords. These keywords may be familiar or not to the writer. And in an off chance that it is not, background research must be done before making the article to make sure that it is based on actual facts and is making sense. The content would be easy to check since an article with no background research would only be a jumble of words formed around an article; this would not help your business.

8 Ways To Effectively Market A New Product

No matter how good your product may be, without the proper marketing your business will not turn a profit. Though marketing can seem complicated to new entrepreneurs, there are a number of different ways that you can reach your target customer base without spending a lot of money. If you have just launched a new business or are adding a new product to your product line, consider trying one or all of these 8 ways to effectively market a new product.

  • Send out an email blast. Email is a fast and inexpensive way to reach thousands of customers at once. If you can afford to, buying qualified email lists is a good way to find even more potential customers.

  • Reach out to potential customers on the phone. The reason why so many telemarketing companies still exist is that this remains an effective way of relaying information to clients.

  • Increase your online presence through paid advertisements. Whether you use ads purchased on search engines or buy advertising space on websites that are frequented by your target customers, this is a good way to get your message out to the right people.

  • Host an event. A product launch does not need to be a big, expensive affair. Simply by setting up a table at a local restaurant and reaching out to all who walk in, you can increase your product’s exposure. During that event, make sure that you give out your embossed business cards and other professional business cards.

  • Send out a press release. Writing press releases is easy and templates for effective ones can easily be found online.

  • Write informational articles and post them online. Unlike other types of advertising, these articles can often be posted at no cost to the business owner and will often rank high on the list of search results.

  • Give away free samples. This works especially well if your product is small and low cost.

  • Create a website. No matter which other steps you take, it is absolutely crucial to establish a web presence for any product that you are trying to sell.

How To Market Your Business Online With Articles

Having an online business presence is a great advantage when you know how to market it. There are many methods and tools one can use to do this and utilizing several of them will yield great results. One of those methods is article marketing.

Article marketing is done through an article directory. These sites host thousands of articles written by members, most of which include a link back to the writers website. Your articles can rank well on the search engines, thus generating views and clicks to your business. It’s also free!

First, you’ll want to find a directory. is a great place to start, but there are many others, just do a Google search. You will need to create a profile and account. Utilize anything you can on your profile page. Keep it professional and to the point of your business. Include a picture, URL to your main website or business and take advantage of any opportunity on the profile page to include information about you or your business.

When writing an article, the end goal is to get clicks to your web page or blog. Your article should be defined, focused and informative. Depending on your product or service, you’ll need to tailor your article to a very specific topic or point. Don’t try to cover your entire business in one article. Choose one subject.

Once you’ve decided what your focus is, give good information but leave the reader wanting more. Articles written for a directory should be snippets or teasers between 300-500 words. Just enough to make the reader want to learn more by clicking to your website.

Most directories have what’s known as a resource box. This usually at the end of the article. This is where you are permitted to place your website link.

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