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In the height of globalization, growing and established companies cannot ignore the presence of the internet in planning their marketing strategy; even politicians used the internet to reach to their possible voters. A perfect example for this is the Obama campaign strategy which utilizes websites such as Facebook and Youtube. The internet is a venue and vehicle for infinite discovery and massive profits. In order to take advantage of this tool, internet users should be aware and interested in your website or advertisement. That is why, many companies employ search engine optimization experts.

SEO or search engine optimization is simply defined as increasing the visibility of the website in search engine such as Yahoo and Google. The optimum goal for experts is

to place the company that hires them in the first page of related searches because usually, people just browse the first page and doesn’t bother looking on other pages. SEO tactic applied can be divided in terms of motives: Black hat and white hat. White hat method follows the unwritten guidelines of the search engine and creates content for users than beating the algorithm, in short, just plain effective marketing strategy. On the other end of spectrum, black hat is uses deception and fraud such as cloaking.

SEO experts draw on specific techniques to place your company on the first page. Most SEO packages and plans use the most popular technique which is called keyword search and analysis. It all starts with having the most appropriate keywords and group of phrases. It is also good to avoid generic keywords since million of sites are also trying to stay on the “best seat” in the internet. Another technique employed to increase one’s popularity in the internet is on-page optimization. This strategy involves playing the identified keywords in right places. Greater weight is given to the title and the first paragraph, so make sure that these areas contain necessary key words. Furthermore, link building is also used. This pertains to linking many high quality sites as possible which usually involves directory submission, link exchanging and posting comments.

Optimizing one’s website in the internet is time-consuming and tedious job but is a necessity to improve ranking. This ranking status is thin line between success and failure for businesses. Some companies who are trying to save cost on SEO experts outsource in countries like the Philippines and India. This may be a mistake, as you usually get what you pay for.

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